4 Cool Gadgets That Will Let Anyone Explore The Ocean

Try to imagine how long it would take you to visit each country on earth. You couldn't just land there on an airplane and take off again. You would need to walk around and explore each part of the country. It would take you forever. You might never get around everywhere. Now imagine doing that in the ocean. In case you didn't know, the ocean takes up over 70% of the surface of the earth. That's just the beginning because that's only what we can see.
Most of the places to explore in the ocean are underneath the water. We have only just scratched the surface on what is there to be explored. Luckily we are coming out with cool gadgets all the time that lets us see and record what's under there. Some of them are gadgets any of us could pick-up in a store the next time we go to the beach. Let's have a look at what you can use to explore the ocean.

HydroView Sport

Maybe you want to explore the water, but don't even feel like getting wet. What you need is a specially built underwater vehicle that you can maneuver from anywhere. It has specially lights and cameras attached so you can take still photos or record live video of everything that crosses its path. Everything can be controlled from your iPad or iPhone, so you can tweet your photos as soon as you have them. This costs a little more than an underwater camera, but less than a submarine.


This one is much cheaper and does the same thing, except you don't get to control an underwater vehicle. It's merely a camera attached to a line that you drop into the sea. You can still take some amazing videos and photos because there's some great LED lights that lightens up the sea and allows you to see anything. You can connect it to a boat and drag it along, or if you're clumsy you can use it to search for lost jewelry when you're at the beach and you drop something into the water. 

GoPro Dive Housing

HD Hero cameras seem to be taking the adventure world by storm at the moment. But their popularity goes well beyond recording yourself doing big moves on your skateboard. The GoPro Dive Housing will work with any HD Hero camera and will let you take it underneath the water to shoot amazing videos you could never have dreamed of. You can even attach the camera to a mask so you don't have to hold it in your hands. It's definitely an amazing way to take some great videos because you're actually there in person.

Portable SeaJet

It's easy enough to get a device to record your adventures, but what about actually getting to great places so you can record them? If you throw a pair of flippers on you can't exactly swim too far unless you're as fit as a fiddle. The easiest thing you can do is use the SeaJet, which will drag you through the water at 5mph. That's faster than you think considering you don't need to do much. It's still a great deal of fun and will take you to the places you want to go.

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