The Biggest Misconceptions Surrounding Cloud Virtualization

Your company has found storing their data on traditional servers is an effective strategy, so why would they want to spend money on cloud virtualization? Cloud computing is a highly controversial issue and mainly because many individuals rely on misinformation and misconceptions when determining if switching to the cloud is truly a wise investment. If you're on the fence about cloud computing, you may have heard these misconceptions surrounding this useful technology and you may be surprised at the reality of the matter.  

The Cloud is Inherently Unsafe

It's a popular belief that the cloud is less secure than your company's traditional data storage. In actuality, cloud storage is more secure than your company's servers, and you need to look no further than that one security patch that wasn't updated. A typical cloud vendor can store the data for thousands of businesses, regardless of size. Their job is to keep your data safe, meaning the network is secure and the security patches are constantly being monitored, as well as kept up-to-date. This doesn't mean you should blindly handover the reigns to your cloud vendor, though. Work together with your vendor to ensure your cloud protection expectations are being met.

The Cloud is Too Expensive for My Small Business

You've decided to stick with tried-and-true onsite data storage, because the cloud's ROI isn't high enough for your liking. The next time you sit down and crunch the numbers, don't forget to include the cost of maintaining and updating your system, plus the extra hours billed by your IT department while troubleshooting the servers last weekend. Now compare this number to the potential costs of cloud computing and you'll soon realize that using this technology isn't so wildly expensive, after all.

My IT Department has it Covered

Your IT manager or department is equipped to handle almost anything that comes their way. You've spent the money to hire the best of the best, so why waste their time ensuring the server's patches are the latest available? Placing the security of your data into the hands of a reliable cloud provider is similar to hiring a massive, highly-trained IT department that is only concerned with your data’s security. Now that you've lessened the burden on your IT department, go ahead and allow these knowledgeable individuals to concentrate on projects that maximize your company's expenses.

My Choices are Limited

Sometimes, people falsely assume that the cloud is a rigid, static technology that is far too expansive and expensive for their small firm or home-based business. In reality, it's possible to utilize this technology to suit your individual needs. Everyone, and every business, will use the cloud differently; this could mean anything from storing immense amounts of data to payroll processing.

I'll Lose Sole Ownership of My Cloud-Based Data

Storing your company's privileged data with a cloud computing vendor has you worried about the ownership of your cloud-based information. The issue is only made worse when a colleague, or even a well-meaning friend, tells you that handing over this information to a vendor gives them free reign. However, don’t believe everything you hear:  a reputable cloud computing vendor will let you know upfront that all of your sensitive information is secure and that you've retained full ownership of it as well.

It’s Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

Aside from the pervasive misconceptions concerning the cloud's security, one of the biggest myths of this technology is that it will someday go the way of PDAs, HD DVD and all of the other countless technology fads that couldn't stand the test of time. Cloud computing isn't a fad, and the next time you hear a colleague or your brother-in-law tell you that investing in “the cloud” is a gargantuan waste of time and money, remind him of all the unknown ways he uses this technology on a daily basis. From online banking to ordering their children’s Christmas presents off of Amazon, non-believers are often using cloud computing all of the time without realizing it.
Now that you've educated yourself about the wonders of cloud computing, don't be afraid to share your knowledge with the world. The cloud is expansive and new ways to take advantage of this technology are being discovered daily. Don't hesitate to see how cloud computing can cut your costs, secure your information, and generally make your life lighter and airier.

Author Bio:

Neil Eastman is a guest blogger and freelance IT specialist. He uses the cloud for both his personal and professional life; Neil is currently in the process of helping several of his clients switch over to the cloud.
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