Choosing the Best Twitter Client

Twitter has garnered worldwide attention as the forum to share your thoughts with anyone who would care to listen, its popularity continues to surge month after month. However, you may not be aware of the fact that over a third of all tweets broadcast are from third-party Twitter clients, that explains the constant tweets from your favorite people at all times of the night. Some have become overwhelmed by the right ways to incorporate the Twitter platform in their overall marketing strategy.
Most Twitter third-party clients will enhance your understanding and use of the platform, however choosing the ideal one for your needs may seem daunting since there's so many choices available. Which is the best Twitter client? Well, it depends! You need to factor in a few questions before you can choose the ideal client. What is your monthly budget? Which features do you really need? Will you need to install a client or use one that runs directly within your browser?

HootSuite is highly rated amongst industry pundits and has managed to pick up a few impressive awards. This Twitter client brings to the table plenty of powerful sharing capabilities, easy-to-use spectacular features and effective customer support which is always a big plus. You can even view entire Facebook photo albums directly within the client. It offers an easy set-up because it's a web-based Twitter client. You can easily connect other social networks instantly. Every social network you add is separated by a tab dedicated solely to that network. Sharing photos and links is a simple process and its servers support Microsoft Office, Adobe and numerous files. This client is ideal for personal or corporate use.

The popular TweetDeck offers the ability to monitor multiple social-networking services simultaneously. It has a handy built-in spam monitor and the capability to manage multiple Twitter accounts from one interface. It offers a wonderful mobile platform to assist the consumer always on the go. TweetDeck boasts a variety of features with a lovely, sleek streamlined design for easy navigation. It's effective for corporate use with the simple ability to locate specific information and enable the necessary follow of groups or lists. Adding new groups is simple as is moving people around them with unique drag drop features.

The award-winning Seesmic offers a diverse platform for easy web use on your PC or Mac. The desktop application built on Adobe Air is very configurable allowing you to specify notification types, image hosting services and information display preferences. Video and pictures are easily inserted and shared from the platform. Seesmic can effectively manage and track every detail and mention about your online brand. It's perfect for media outlets to gather every single piece of information on celebrities or socialites. It offers terrific features with good mobile capabilities and helpful customer support. Surveys have rated it the best Twitter client platform for web, mobile and desktop 24-7 access. It comes with a news directory and ability to access GoogleDocs.

Other good options are Brizzly which has a unique entertaining and playful theme, while Tweetie boasts the most interactive Graphic user interface of any of the clients available. Which is the best Twitter client for your needs? Do a little research and narrow down several important features which are important to you, then choose the best fit Twitter client.

Author Bio:Kent Allen has spent years learning the ins and outs of the Internet and Internet marketing. There is no doubt that Twitter makes for a great affiliate marketing tool. Learn more about affiliate marketing at Max Revenues.
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