Four Logos that Help the Technology Sector to Stand Out

They say that an impressive and recognisable logo is worth a million TV ads, and there are many that have burrowed into our collective conscious over the years without us even realising. And whether they are ornate, like that of Coca-Cola, or simple, like that of Nike, it’s the instant recognition that marketers seek.
The technology sector is understandably at the cutting edge of innovation and ideas, and many of the logos in this ever-changing industry have become classics of our time. Here are four that have become synonymous with advancement, desirability and, let’s face it, a certain amount of glamour.

These days, there are few brands in the world, in any sector, that have the wow factor of Apple. Thanks to a succession of hugely impressive products the company has achieved an iconic status in all four corners of the globe. The logo, a fresh apple with one bite taken out, needs no brand name, and little in the way of embellishment. In many ways this is the logo the rest of the industry aspires to.

Any logo that includes the company name and nothing else needs to be special, and eBay have managed to achieve that by representing each letter in a different colour, and by merging the individual letters so each one slightly overlaps the adjacent ones. It’s a simple but eye-catching design, and it gives us a subliminal message that shopping on eBay is, unlike the experience many of us find in the local mall, decidedly different and surprisingly fun.

Sometimes less is more when it comes to logos, especially for popular brands, and Facebook’s simplistic design is definitely a winner. A plain white word (sometimes just a letter ‘F’) on an equally plain blue background is all that’s needed to tell the world that the social network is here. With more than a billion regular users around the globe, Facebook’s logo will soon be as recognisable as almost any other, even in parts of the world which are yet to embrace social networking.

The printer industry is an extremely competitive one these days, and for any company to stand out from the rest a good logo is a must. Lexmark have one of the best in the business, and the use of clear, distinct lettering sends an unconscious message to the public that it’s only achievable by top quality printing. The use of the company name in plain black letters, with the clever use of a red diamond on the ‘A’, is very clever.

Author Bio:
David Showell is from southern England and has a keen interest in the technology sector. 
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