Gaming Apps for the iPhone 5

Gaming on the iPhone before has always been considered just a pastime. There aren’t that much gaming apps that really brought the gaming experience to the table before. What made it worse is that until the appearance of the iPhone 4, the screen resolution just made it impossible to enjoy anything beyond the level of, let's say a Game Boy Advance.
Now that we have superb screen resolutions and good processor speeds, games for the iPhone have not widened considerably. And with the release of the iPhone 5, we can now enjoy games at a level that even directly surpasses by a considerable degree the quality of Playstation Portable games.

Prepare your rubberized iPhone 5 cases, because here are some of the games that you might want to watch out for your iPhone 5:

Lili - If you like original adventure games but is tired of the monotonous fighting and bombing, this game can be for you. Having great graphics and a wide world to travel with, it really pushes the graphics rendering and processing power of the iPhone 4S (although for iPhone 5 using this app can just be considered as a medium intensity training session). Travel along this game world as the bespectacled grad student, and meet strange things along the way.

Asphalt 7: Heat - and speaking of travelling, you may want to also check out one of the most popular driving games for the iPhone. The optimization of Asphalt 7: Heat for the iPhone 5 is really great, feels quite refreshing to have a wider view of your surroundings. With the iPhone 5's advanced GPU, gameplay is also quite smooth. You can enjoy viewing the great landscape as you hit the throttle.

Jetpack Joyride -okay, so maybe this game does not really maximize the use if the iPhone 5's processing capabilities, but we noted this gaming app because it is a relatively good platform game. The best advantage that you can get for platformers is the added forward distance that you can see, and for a wider screen iPhone 5, this can be really sweet. Not to say that it would make it easier to complete any levels though.

Blast-A-Way - is there a way to mix both simple and sophisticated graphics on one game? Apparently yes, and Blast-A-Way does this very beautifully. If you ever seen Patapon for the Playstation Portable, then this might be the best description for the environment and character design. The layout however is 3D, and these solid, but beautifully rendered backgrounds would really make you awestruck, and it’s even better with the iPhone 5's smooth graphics processing capabilities.

Horn - of course, the best type of game that you can use for a unit with good specs would be something that you can use the character to take some good and cool actions. Horn, in its entirety should probably just be made into a full console game, and yet we are given the interesting option to play it in a smartphone. With the iPhone 5 larger screen, we can now enjoy this game a little better. Oh, and you may want to invest for affordable iPhone 5 cases if you finally plan on seriously gaming with these kinds of games.

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