All You Need to Know About LTE

LTE is one of the newest types of 4G services made available by telecommunication companies. 4G stands for fourth generation – more specifically, it refers to the 4th generation of Internet service made available to the public. If you’re feeling more than a bit curious about LTE technology, then here are several essential facts that you should know about it.


The latest models of mobile devices you see on the market – as well as models to be released in the future – come with LTE chips that allow you to enjoy access to LTE service. The new iPad is an example of a mobile device with LTE capabilities.
Overall, you can’t really be sure if your laptop, mobile phone or smartphone, tablet, or pocket device is capable of LTE access without checking the product’s technical specifications. However, it’s more likely that your device will be incapable of receiving any kind of 4G signal if it is more than a few years old. After all, LTE has only been publicly accessible in recent times. In fact, not all telecommunication companies in the country are offering this service. Some are still in the planning stages for building and expanding their LTE networks.
If it turns out that your device is not capable of LTE access, then you have two options. You can either have your device “modified” or you can just replace it with a newer LTE-capable model.
Lastly, if you are using a mobile router you should also know that not all of them are capable of LTE access either. If your telecommunication company has recently launched their LTE service, you may need to have your mobile router replaced for something newer.


Since LTE is part of the 4G family then you can expect far greater speeds compared to 3G services. It’s been said that LTE speeds can reach a maximum of 100Mbps, which is definitely a lot faster than what you can ever get from 3G.
Increased speed is without a doubt the most common reason subscribers are switching to LTE service. This is an even more crucial advantage if your work or business relies partially or completely on maintaining an online presence.

There are various benefits that you would enjoy with a faster Internet connection.
- Quicker uploads and downloads of multimedia
- Respond to comments and posts of your readers or customers on time
- Enjoy seamless high-quality video and audio streaming


Since LTE services offer one of the fastest Internet speeds today, it’s only understandable to expect their subscription fees to be more expensive than usual. Also, there’s a possibility that you will have to sign a locked-in contract in order to enjoy LTE access.


So far, you’ve only heard of the good things about LTE connection. But that does not mean it is all perfect with LTE services. At present, majority of today’s LTE networks are still in the expansion stage. It’s more than possible that LTE may not still available in your area.
As such, before you decide on switching ISPs do make sure you learn about available Internet options in your area first.

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