Technology that Every Home Should Take Full Advantage Of

We aren't going to lie to you; we are extremely excited to speak with you today. You see, we have been noticing a ton of truly amazing technologies/gadgets for homes and while some of them aren't exactly cheap or technically 'necessary' for that matter, we can't keep our eyes off of them. We are so excited that we felt we had no choice; we need to tell you about some of these great findings we have discovered. Of course, if you know of anything neat that you think others would enjoy looking into, please let us know. Technology is something we can't seem to get enough of and we are guessing the same goes for all of you reading this as well.

Change Up the Mood with a Transparent Television

Ever feel as though your television just gets in the way? For many people this is the case. While some of them can be quite stylish and thin, they still have a way of taking away from the vibe of the room as a whole and especially when they are off; they just capture too much attention. Want to know a fantastic way around this problem? A transparent TV. That's right, they actually have those now! When the TV is off, all you notice is the bottom portion, but other than that, it just looks like a thick piece of glass. You can literally look through the TV when it's off; as if it isn't there at all. Strange, right? We are pretty amazed by this one.

Never Lose Your Remote Again

Are you one of those people who can't seem to keep track of their remote no matter what you do? If this sounds like you, then you are going to love the Re by New Kinetix. This device takes your iPhone or iPod and turns it into a universal remote control. All you have to do is plug it into your device and you are all set to go. You can control everything from your television, or even your home theatre system. All you have to do is hold the remote facing the device you want it to be able to control and it learns the proper code. No more calling you cable company to have them help you set up your remote to all of your devices.

Floor Plan Light Switches

If you're like so many of us, then you probably (even after all the years you may have lived in your home) forget which light switches turn on which lights. This is especially the case for those areas of the home that you just don't spend much time in. There is now a great way to fix this: light switches that are drawn out exactly the way your floor plan is. You'll never again question which light you are looking for and turn the right one on or off every single time. We are pretty obsessed with this and can't believe we've been living without it for so long.

Samsung Multi-Screen Television

Have you ever wanted to watch more than one thing at a time and keep missing the most important parts of your shows because you just aren't switching back and forth between channels quick enough? The days of this happening are over and the solution is even better than you probably can imagine. Samsung came out with a 6-screen television which is going to make life easier for those of you who just can't decide what to watch. There's no longer a need to record a ton of shows just to see the parts you were most interested in when you can watch everything in one sitting if you'd like.

Crestron Tablet Controls Entire Rooms

This wall-mountable tablet is fantastic. You can plug it into any room and it is going to help you keep tabs on everything at every moment. This means you can open or close your blinds, adjust the lights and control all of the devices within that room. This is definitely going to make life much easier for many of us. Do we need it? Probably not but we feel as though we just have to have it!

Home Automation Systems

Home automated systems are a bit like the Crestron Tablet, but with much more functionality. They allow you to control things even when you are not anywhere near you home. This means, you can adjust the lights if it's dark so robbers think you are home; you can set your alarms, adjust the temperature of your home as well as keep an eye on your home. We love the home security feature because you can literally check up and see your children and pets while you are out of the house to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Author Bio:
The author of the article, Archie Anderson, is a tech expert and interior designer. He loves to equip his home with latest gadgets. He works for Capital Building, providers of efficient and sustainable quality home renovations.

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