Top Tech Tips for Budding Start Ups

Every start-up firm needs to pass through a design and planning phase on a conceptual level, before something really comprehensive can be worked out. It is at this point that decisions are taken, and these decisions can either result in an astounding success or spell doom for the budding firm. Decisions pertaining to infrastructure management and operational decisions are so important that they can really be decisive factors for the start-up's future. The most important infrastructure orientated decision one has to make today is whether to move the business to the cloud or to maintain a local establishment. While the option to keep data secure within the physical confines of the organisation's premises sounds quite good, the cloud has a lot more to offer than just simple online storage and global accessibility.

Be More Productive with the Cloud

Embracing the cloud does not just mean hosting a cloud server and moving data to online storage options; with the cloud slowly gaining mainstream status, there is quite a lot one can do with the cloud. Here are some useful pointers:
1.Collaborate Online: Work with colleagues who are miles away, just like you are in the same room with them. This gives a great boost to productivity, as the employees are no longer constrained or restricted to geographical boundaries. Work can be done over a coffee in a coffee shop or while having dinner at home; the possibilities are endless.
2.Manage your Time effectively with Cloud-based Tools: Keep track of your projects wherever you are at the touch of a button. Tracking events, meetings, schedules, etc. becomes easy, and multiple users can simultaneously update the rest about their progress, without having to waste time on conducting physical meetings.
3.Make more Financial Savings with the Cloud: With everything moved to the cloud, a major part of the costs of setting up a new firm get eliminated. The start-up can invest their funds on other things, instead of going around buying expensive high-end servers, client workstations, etc.
4.Improves Overall Productivity: When the worries of hardware maintenance, updates, security, etc. are taken care of, the general employee productivity can increase considerably, and the start-up can concern itself towards achieving its primary objectives.

Some Useful Cloud Tools:

Other than the obvious advantages pointed out above, one might ask this question “what can we really do with the cloud?” There are several ways in which the cloud can be used to improve productivity. Here are some cloud-powered ideas that one can benefit from:

1.Google Apps – Make the cloud your Office!: With a plethora of productive tools targeted at the Office Suites user, Google Apps provide a variety of applications, such as Google Docs (an online office suite), Drive (Cloud Storage), Calendar (Online Time Management tools), etc.
2.Cloud-based Servers: Host from the clouds with a variety of different yet powerful features available at your disposal. With virtually zero downtime, live dynamic scalability and numerous other useful features; 
cloud servers beat the pants off their competitors, Virtual Private Servers (despite essentially being based on the same infrastructure!).
3.Online Accountancy with Saasu!:  Saasu is an organisation that provides accountancy-based applications for small and medium business enterprises. With Saasu, one can use bank feeds, create sheets on various themes, such as purchase, inventory, payroll, etc. There are several add-ons to choose from as well!
4.Online Project/Time Management with BaseCamp: Online project tracking and time management just got a whole lot easier with BaseCamp. With prices starting as low as £ 13 a month and with several nifty tools available, this app is a must for every start-up firm.
5.File Sharing with DropBox: Any start-up with multiple personnel working from a variety of locations, understands the importance of having a central data storage and retrieval solution. DropBox is line with such cloud-based tools that allows for files of any type to be securely stored and easily accessed at the touch of a button.
The cloud has come a long way today, and has worked quite well towards becoming a perfect solution for all the needs a business may have. With applications being delivered as services, one can only benefit from the offloading of the tensions and costs of maintaining private local hardware. The cloud is something every start-up company must carefully consider, when planning to put the best foot forward in the world of business.

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