Five Reasons Why I Love Working from Home

I have had a rich and varied career working for a number of companies, some wonderful and innovative and others dull and self-centred. For the past few years, however, I have been working for myself from the comfort of my own home. And while there is the odd disadvantage, on the whole I really enjoy it. Here are five reasons why I would recommend it to anyone.

My house, my rules

Perhaps the most obvious blessing about being in my own house when I’m working is that I control the environment. If it’s a warm day and I want to open every door and window in the place, that’s exactly what I’ll do. I don’t have to put up with a colleague whining about the fact that they are sitting in a draught any more. They can go put a sweater on, I can go do whatever I want.

Keeping the commute short and sweet

In previous jobs, I have often had to drive for an hour or more simply to get to the office. These days I walk a few yards from the bedroom to the office and I’m there. There are no traffic problems, no inconsiderate road users, no deadlines, no bad weather and no exorbitant fuel bills. And of course, the less time spent commuting means I can spend more time earning money.

If music be the food of work, play on…

Sometimes there’s nothing better than enjoying a few tunes while you work, but in many workplaces you simply have to put up with a communal decision about certain radio stations or playlists. This isn’t always ideal, of course, but if you’re at home you can pick what you want. Whether I’m in the mood for some Radiohead (likely) or perhaps a little Napalm Death (unlikely), the choice is mine all mine.

Maintaining a fluid schedule

Everyone who works from home knows how important it is to keep to some sort of itinerary, purely because there are so many potential distractions in the vicinity. But because I work for myself I am able to move things around in my day, so I don’t necessarily have to work between nine and five. Therefore, if I want to go out for an hour to walk the dog, I can always make the time up later on.

Time for a break

In previous jobs, having to stop only as and when the bosses said so used to drive me crazy. I wouldn’t be able to have a little break if I wanted it, and equally I would have to stop working even when I felt like carrying on. It was so frustrating at times, but these days I work - and stop - when I decide.

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David Showell lives in southern England and enjoys working from home for companies such as
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