10 Must Have Office Gadgets

Spending all day in the office is not most people’s idea of fun, but there are plenty of cool gadgets around to brighten your day. Some are useful, some entertaining and some are just downright bizarre.

The Useful

One of the problems of this technological age is forever being surrounded by multiple wires and plug sockets. The iDapt i4 charger allows you to charge up to four devices at once, and is compatible with over 4000 mobile electronic devices.

A mountain of waste paper piling up is often a problem in the office. The P&P Office Waste Processor solves this in an instant. Simply feed the waste paper into the slot, and a moment later it is fed out as a brand new, usable pencil.

Meetings can be tedious, and trying to listen and take notes first thing on a Monday morning is often an impossible task. A USB Voice Recorder lets you play back everything that has been said afterwards, so you can feel free to snooze at the back of the room! ThinkGeek have released one which can also be used as a flash drive and MP3 player – three times as handy.

Sitting in an office in the warm summer months feels stifling, and work is often interrupted by the need to pop out for a cold drink. The Wiki USB Fridge sits on your desktop and is ideally sized to fit an ice-cold can.

The Entertaining

Playing music creates a more relaxed working environment. If your office allows it, why not invest in a Sports Car CD/MP3 Player? You can listen to all your favourite tunes, and the Ferrari-shaped stereo looks too cool for words.
Anyone who has ever visited an aquarium knows how soothing it is to watch the iridescent jellyfish floating around. The Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium came onto the market last year. It is a perfectly designed, jellyfish specific aquarium that is small enough to sit on your desk.

The Dalek Desk Protector roams your desk autonomously and turns whenever it reaches an obstacle or the edge, calling out ‘Exterminate’ as it turns. Perfect for frightening off pesky pen-stealers and the like!

The Bizarre

Office chairs need to be supportive, but they can also be fun. The Surf Chair is a curved chair that hangs your monitor in front of you, and allows you to rock back and forth as you work. Designed to be comfortable for hours as well as entertaining, it may look strange but it feels great.

Are you sick of wasting half your day walking around your office building? Well, now you can get anywhere twice as fast, with Fun Slides Carpet Skates. They strap to your feet over your regular shoes, and allow you to slide across any carpet as if it was a polished wooden floor and you were in your socks.

Finally, the Nappak Portable Sleeping Cube – this inflatable cube fits perfectly into an office cubicle and allows you to secretly nap when you’ve had enough.

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