The New iPhone 5: A Fantastic First Impression

September 12th has finally come around and the new design of the iPhone 5 has been released to the public. Already, it has been predicted to sell 8 million units in the 4th quarter of 2012. This money injection to the US economy could raise the entire country’s growth by 0.5%. Although it’s not available to buy until September 21st, finding out the new specifications and looking for iPhone 5 deals now should be the top of any Apple enthusiasts’ to-do list.

Not bigger, but better

The iPhone 5 is 18% slimmer and 20% lighter. With a 4 inch screen, it is smaller than most of its rivals. Size is not everything though. Inside, it has a new processor which claims to run twice as fast and with better graphics than before. This allows better viewing of the photos taken with the improved 8 megapixel camera. It has been modified to incorporate a low light mode and a panorama feature. As standard, it will be available in black and white, with the choice of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB storage. When the iPhone4 came out in 2010, it was at the top of the market. Android phones have improved greatly since then. The iPhone 5 is Apple’s attempt to stay ahead of its rivals and these new specifications have already given it an edge on the competition.

4G – But are we ready?

One of the biggest changes to the iPhone is that it is capable of 4G. The demand in the amount and speed of mobile data downloads has increased. 4G promises to deliver up to 100Mbps, rather than 42Mbps on 3G. At the moment however, this new feature may encounter similar issues to Siri. 4G is not currently available in the UK. Don’t worry, as EE network will be the first UK company to be on the 4G mobile network. It is scheduled to be operational in 16 cities in the UK by the end of 2012. Other major networks will not be able to offer 4G services until early 2013, but 4G is not the only great new feature that the iPhone 5 has to offer

Out with the old accessories

Not only is the iPhone 5 smaller, but the dock connector for the iPhone 5 has been minimised too. The new ‘Lightning’ connector is 80% smaller and all digital. This is the first change to the design of the connector in nine years. The decrease from 30 pins to only 8 improves the cable’s durability and works whichever way round it is put in. Older accessories and cables can still be used though. Apple has created an adaptor which can be bought separately. The iPhone 5 is not the only device to have this new dock connector, as all new Apple products will have them.
No new accessories for the iPhone 5 have come out yet, but it is only a matter of time before they begin to utilise the new technology. Apple has evolved their iPhone once more. Although not as revolutionary as when the first iPhone was released in 2007, it continues to grow. The new connector will become common place with Apple products and 4G will be more globally available. The iPhone 5 is just another step into the future of smartphone technology.

Author Bio:
Beth O'Brien is a Bournemouth University student, who's passionate about technology and gaming  
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