The Importance of Computers

There are so many reasons why the computer is so important in modern society that it's hard to name them all; the advance in technology has made everyday life along with business life so much easier and it is now much easier to stay in touch with people that previously you wouldn't have made such an effort to.

Nowadays computers are used everywhere, even where you would lest expect to see them. They are an invention that has been around for years but it is only recently that they have become a central part of everyday life.

Computers are electronic devices that are used in pretty much every field of business for every reason, from writing documents - which was the original function of a computer - to creating new computer games; the possibilities of computer technology are endless. Over the last 20 years computers have become such a prominent part of society that it is now impossible to imagine a world without them. Computers are made up of hardware - mouse, keyboard, screen, monitor - and software - all of the programs. These days computers are not only the unfathomable tools of scientists and engineers, they're even used by five year olds in schools.

The advances in technology that the world has experienced mean that computers don't have to be a desk top screen with a monitor anymore. All of the technology that is inside a computer monitor has been squeezed into a flat packed portable computer - or a laptop as it's more well-known - there has also been the introduction of tablet devices. These can be used in much the same way as a computer except they are touch screen and motion sensitive.

Computers are extremely popular as they are fast and accurate. They correct spelling and grammar in pretty much any language, this is great when sending out letter as there may be small errors that the author would not notice and the computer would highlight them and offer solutions. It is a lot easier to store data on a computer compared to on paper. In a big business if all records are kept on paper they are lost easily and eventually there wouldn't be enough room to keep it all. Computers store all of the same information in a much smaller space.

The internet was a great introduction to computers and allowed the technology to advance even further. The scope of the internet allows people to find information from as far back in history as they wish to seek along with what has happened in the world in the past minute.

Pretty much every business nowadays uses a computer in some shape or form but businesses that could no longer work without them include banks, who use them to keep track of all money that is in accounts, taken at the bank on a certain day and given out, along with online payments; medical science, computers lead to an easy diagnosis of diseases, they analyse samples taken from the body and give the results within minutes and education - just to name a few - where computers have become an integral part of a child's learning because of their prominence in every day society.

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