Five Top Green Jobs for Sustainable Economies

Many world economies are turning green, meaning that governments and private investors are focusing on economic growth based on sustainable development and social equity. Fortunately for job seekers, this opens up an entire new market for employment with demand for green collar jobs flourishing in various industries. This article outlines five of the best green jobs from around the world, based on current and projected demand and relevancy.

Green Job 1: Farmer

Ever since the industrial revolution, people have been moving away from local and subsistence farming. Furthermore, technological advancements in agriculture have meant that farming is done on a large scale, and often with a high carbon footprint. However, sustainability requires small scale and local farming with organic farming methods, creating a need for green farming jobs. Thus local farmers will be in high demand in the near future. America currently has a mere two million farmers, even though there is a need for tens of millions more in this green job. Jim Rogers recently reiterated this demand for farmer in a Forbes interview.

Green Job 2: Forester

Managing forests requires a great deal of expertise in many areas, such as finance, project management, development and finance. The World Bank reported that a massive 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their livelihoods, making foresting a vital green job for right now. Part of the green job description is teaching higher-value agricultural methods to locals, growing fast and more sustainable crops for food and timber and documenting the impact on the environment.

Green Job 3: Solar Power Installation Professional

The green energy sector is already providing the world with thousands of green technology jobs. For example, in America there are over 3,400 companies in the solar energy sector alone employing up to 35,000 workers. Furthermore, with many governments offering incentives for green energy, demand for green jobs in the solar energy sector will continue to grow. Green jobs training in this area is also highly developed in many countries.

Green Job 4: Energy Efficiency Building Construction

For many countries across the globe, having an energy efficient building is no longer a green option but is compulsory according to legislation. Buildings with high carbon footprints are a drain on energy sources and thus green sector jobs for construction consultancy are in high demand.

Green Job 5: Wind Turbine Manufacturer

Wind power is the fastest growing source of alternative green energy and has already created over 300,000 green jobs worldwide. Furthermore, because wind turbines are made from 90% metal, skills of automobile manufactures and other similar sectors can easily be transferred to suit this green job.

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Penny Munroe is an avid writer in business related news and tips. Articles include selecting the best office space Glasgow has on offer to highlighting some of the most in-demand green jobs.
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