Is iOS the best operating system?

While you may hear al lot about Apple in terms of smartphones and tablet PCs, thanks to the phenomenal success of the iPhone and iPad ranges (not to mention the iPod Touch), it’s not the only kid on the block.
For every Apple Geek or fan you’ll find someone who hates them just as much, so what’s the truth behind the battle between Apple and its big rivals such as the Google’s Android OS and manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony?

iOS pros

1.               Apple has been perfecting its iOS since the release of the first iPhone in 2007. Now in its sixth version, it has been around for more than a year longer than its main rival, Android and has pioneered application-led operating systems.
2.               This head start, plus a veracious development community, has seen the number of Apple apps dwarf those of other operating systems. Not only that, but the iTunes music, book, podcast and magazine selections are second to none.
3.               If you have other Apple gadgets, syncing between them is an absolute dream. Whether it’s an iPod Touch or a Mac, you can transfer files and programs at the touch of a button. And hey, they’re simply cool too.

iOS cons

1.               On the flip side, if you’re not an owner of other Apple products, you’ll soon come up against a brick wall in terms of syncing. If you instead opt for an Android, Windows or BlackBerry device you’ll be able to sync music, documents and the likes easily via your PC or laptop.
2.               Then there’s the price. While Apple’s products are beautifully designed and often claim all kinds of innovations, they’re rarely better than the top-of-the-range devices sold by their rivals. And their rivals are normally selling those smartphones and tablets t a lower price point, despite them often having superior technology under the hood.
3.               And then there’s choice. If you’re looking for a budget or introductory model, for example, you won’t find a ‘cheap’ iPhone or iPad. Apple is purely for those with confidence, and cash, in the tech they’re picking up. Cheap really isn’t on the Apple radar.

In the end, whether you get an Apple iOS device or something built on the Android OS, if you read up on them well first you’re going to end up with a great device. You’ll pay a little more for the Apple brand, and miss out on syncing up with your PC files, but you’re going to get a fully functioned smartphone or tablet PC. Happy hunting.

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