Are There Any Green Apps for Android Users Out There?

When the world app comes into your mind, you probably immediately think about the iPhone. Yes, the iPhone is the king of apps, and there is an iPhone app for everything and anything that you think about. However, the Android app market is slowly but steadily becoming more and more extensive. Namely, you can today choose from a large number of green Android apps, and this wasn’t the case just a year ago, for instance. Well, precisely because there are in fact a lot of green Android apps out there, we will here talk about some of the best ones available to you.

Are Green Android Apps Free?

Much like iPhone apps, Android apps can be free, as well as cost you some money. However, it is very important to mention that apps are generally very cheap, and that you should never look for a free app if you like an app that you have to pay for – as the prices are very low. In a nutshell, you will probably be able to find a free Android app for anything you need, but you should never hesitate to pay for an app if you really like it.

What Are Some of the Best Green Apps for Android Users?

Here are three very popular and very practical green apps for Android users you might want to get for your smartphone:

1.   Nature Facts – Living green and caring for the environment will often require a decent amount of knowledge, and the Android app called Nature Facts will help you accumulate some knowledge about the nature and our planet in general. This app will let you find out random facts about animals, the weather, plants, and so on. Also, you will be able to share your new knowledge with your friends via a text message or an email right there from the app.
2.   Green Tree – If you love nature and if you are not able to plant your own tree, you can use the app to do this virtually. Namely, the Green Tree app will let you plant a tree and care for it right there on your smartphone. This virtual tree will ask of you to water it and to give it enough attention, and it will thrive if you do this correctly.
3.   Gardener – As opposed to the Green Tree app, the Gardener app will help you keep track of all the plants you have planted in your garden or backyard. The app is extremely practical for people who want to have their own garden but do not have enough time or knowledge to do this. The app will keep track of all your plants, as well as their progress and the time when they will be ready for harvesting.

In conclusion, it is very important to say that using green apps doesn’t make you and your way of life green. You should instead use these apps to help you become greener, and focus your efforts on living a more environmentally friendly life.

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