Why everyone turn on Google Services

Google is a prominent search engine with lots of application. Most of individual, companies, firms, organization utilize Google. People who acknowledge a little about internet have heard a name of Google. You can aim your hearing if you are assorted with business. Google is perfectly made for website and SEO. Enterprise can focalize their products to encourage on search engine results. It is most famous, large and precise search engine. We here discuss about the benefits of Google.

Why Google is so popular?

1. Site directory: We can say that it is a directory of site, any you want to explore over it you will find it easily. It almost shares more than 25 million sites. Hence you have a vast chance of discovering more information on various topics. The rest search engine does not provide a sharp result in exploring data over the net.

2. Site Ranking: Google places ranking sites with its relevant topics. It is rectified with the link associated with main site and up to subject’s significance. The most recognized site that consorts to your site, the best Google ranking you gets.

3. File set-up: Google utilize accepted file format like PDF and Microsoft Office, .doc file, excel file. Google offer variety of file format in which web visitor can store their information hence the data will not be obscured during the upload.

4. Esteem: Google is so popular that any data you can ascertain it with a single click of mouse. It developed the world so small that no one had thought of it. Its choice among the world is so heighten that many experts view that next ten years Google not to worry about its acme position.
If the product goes popular the follower always follows the technique by which it gained popularity.

5. SEO Friendly: Google is mostly used for SEO who continuously attempt to rank their site higher in Google search engine. SEO optimize Google search engine as per rules, register their sitemaps and knock Google’s service. It places Google ahead than other search engines. Google has SEO friendly apparatus and suggestion.

6. Analytics: Google Analytics demonstrate you the fall of traffic to your website. As many sites are not utilizing this feature but users of analytics can analysis their traffic. It's not only an advertising channel for Google, but another way of evaluating site popularity. It is indeed practicable for company and its SEO to evaluate their popularity over the net.

7. Map Search: Google earth and map is bestow to place hunter without worrying of confusing. These tools offer brief view of street, city and country. So if some want to find location on internet via Google map or Google Earth then it becomes easy. The images captured on these tools are elegant and are in real form and it attracts visitors. Even business professionals mark their company name and address on Google map.

8. Financial sound: Google has market value of more than $160 million. It can seize the next opportunity in the technological innovation. Due to much cash reserve and high profit ratio Google will be on acme in the next generation.

9. Google Ad words: For business professionals Google has developed his new application called Google Ad words which shows your ads on search page. Which will boost traffic on your site? The amount is not determined by Google it is up to a business like $5 for a day or ten cent per click on your ads.

10. Google Applications: Google has invented many applications like Google finance, Google Ad Sense, Ad Mob, Google Doc, Drive, Google+, and I Google, Picasa etc. which places Google in a higher rank and make it famous among all search engines.
“The more you search the more you will get” Google has made this sentence true. It shows importance of Google in our life. Google has become a big search engine.

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