Three Tiers of an iPad Repair

Broken iPad? Don’t panic. We understand how special your iPad is for you. In most cases, it is due to negligence that it was broken; but still, we want to guide you in getting the best help that you need. So, breathe for a little while and check what we got

The money that you shelled out for your iPad is no joke so when it goes out of its normal function, you normally don’t want to even think about shedding more money again just to get it fixed. Try considering some do-it-yourself troubleshooting first before handing out a dollar. Here are some instances when you can take iPad repair on your own hands.

  1. Frozen Apps or Screen
It is normal that if you load too many programs on one device and perhaps, all at the same time, that device can be unresponsive and may resume its normal activity after quite some time. If you encounter opening or working with an application and it suddenly freezes, the best solution is to reset your iPad. You can do this by holding down the Sleep and Home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on screen.

  1. iPad iTunes not syncing with your computer or laptop
If you can’t access your iTunes on your computer, you don’t have to go out and seek external iPad repair service. Try first to unplug other USB devices connected on your computer and connect the iPad to a different USB 2.0 port. If this still doesn’t work, restart your iPad by holding down the Sleep/Wake button, restart your PC as well and do the connection again.


If the basic troubleshooting tips simply won’t work, you can seek external iPad repair services located near you. The resolution time depends on the gravity of the damage but in the cases below, the maximum can be 5 days.

  1. iPad battery replacement
If surprisingly your battery life cannot hold on for more than an hour, then it’s time to get a new one. You can get a replacement instantly from iPad repair centers. Usually this is done once your iPad has reached over 500 charges.

  1. iPad liquid damage repair
Apple warranties do not cover water-damaged iPads, which is why it is best that you go for external services for a repair. External services do have vacuum or dryers that can treat the liquid that has penetrated through your iPad casing and may affect sensitive microchips inside. They are also advising consumers not to turn their iPads on after it has been submerged in water, place it in a bag with rice or anything that can help absorb the moisture.


If in case your LCD screen breaks, or the glass shatters or you can attest that your iPad had undergone extreme damage, this perhaps is the best solution. Nothing beats the services you can get from Genius Bars or from Apple professionals. Mind you, though, it may take weeks before the issue gets resolved because usually they handle extreme situations. Some forums, although Apple has not released anything official about it, claim that some issues in LCD or glass screen replacement are resolved as they were given an entire iPad replacement. This is one reason why you need to check first with your Apple professionals or Genius Bars before your seek any external iPad repair service. Furthermore, they can assist you in computing the estimated cost of repair and you can canvass first which service center can give you the cheapest but efficient repair service.

Author Bio:
Rod Tolentino is a musician and a marketing consultant for Repair Labs. An industry-recognized specialist in iPhone accessories, iPhone and iPad repair.
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