Futuristic Automotive Technology

It’s incredible how automotive technology has evolved throughout the years. In the future we can expect cars to be autonomous, communicate with one another and even keep the driver alert and energized at all times. Innovative systems such as drowsiness detection are already in place in many vehicles. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting automotive technology features we can expect to see on the roadways.

Mercedes Designs Active Comfort
Mercedes Benz is currently working on a vehicle system that will work as your “personal coach”; it’s designed be able to keep you fit, content and attend to your every need. The goal is to make the driver more relaxed, less stressed and content. Mercedes has put all of this work into a concept vehicle known as the “TopFit Truck”. The truck’s driver’s seat has been outfitted with a massage function while a menthol fragrance is released into the cabin in order to keep the driver energized and alert. If you want to take a power nap in your car, the system can also release a soothing orange scent designed encourage relaxation.

Autonomous Cars
Self-driving cars used to be a thing of the movies but they may be coming to a town near you pretty soon. Google has been photographed testing a fleet of autonomous Toyota Prius cars. These vehicles use radars, GPS and sensors in order to detect other autos and objects. Since most car accidents are caused by driver error, these cars should hypothetically mean fewer accidents and safer streets for all of us. California’s state senate has passed a bill which will make it legal for self-driving cars to operate on the streets. Experts predict that these vehicles will result in improved fuel efficiency and less traffic congestion.

Drowsiness Detection
Ever felt drowsy or exceedingly tired when behind the wheel? Fatigue is one of the leading causes of accidents on the road. Luxury auto maker Mercedes has a drowsiness detection sensor in place which alerts the driver when it detects unusual driving patterns.  A sensor is in place which monitors steering wheel movement. It isn’t just the luxury autos that are receiving this state-of-the-art technology. Bosch has designed a detection system that can be installed on any vehicle. The Volkswagen Passat Alltrack comes with Bosch’s innovative technology. 

Drowsiness detection is more likely to be found on new cars instead of used cars for sale since the technology is relatively new.
Automotive technology has definitely evolved by leaps and bounds. It will be interesting to see what designers and engineers come up with next.

About the Author:
Written by Marissa Brandt - Marissa has extensive experience writing about the automotive sector.

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