Colossal Architecture - The Tallest Buildings of the World

Considered one of man’s greatest accomplishments, colossal architectural designs are lauded for their ingenuous composition, as well as for their size. The top 3 tallest buildings in the world have earned their spot on this remarkable list for their structural height. Measuring the vertical elevation from their base to their highest elemental point, these skyscrapers and buildings are considered truly magnificent construction projects. Many real estate experts list spires as an integral feature of tall building design. And in each of these examples, it is easy to see why.

The Top 3 Tallest Buildings of the World

1.   Burj Khalifa: One of Dubai’s most famous sights, the Burj Khalifa has earned the revered title of tallest building in the world for its astounding height of 829.84 metres. Completed in 2009 after five years of construction, the overall cost of this impressive skyscraper was a shocking US$1.5 billion dollars. Comprising of 900 apartments, this sensational city centrepiece has garnered all the international recognition and acclaim that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum could have hoped for. Built for its exact achievement, the Burg Khalifa succeeded in putting Dubai on the map.  

2.   Abraj Al Bait: Known in popular culture as the Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower, the Abraj Al Bait earned its spot as the second tallest building in the world for its immense height of 601 metres, 229 metres smaller than the Burj Khalifa. Awarded several world records, this majestic residence hold’s the prestigious title of the tallest hotel in the globe. The building was built by Mecca’s largest construction company, and stands just meters away from the kingdom’s most sacred site, the Masjid al Haram.

3.   Tapei 101: As its name suggests, the former Tapei World Financial Centre is situated in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Standing 508 metres tall in total, the landmark skyscraper officially ranked as the world’s tallest building before the opening of the Burj Khalifa.  An icon of modern Taiwan, this skyscraper has garnered a lot of media attention for its environmentally friendly design. It comprises of 101 floors and includes a multi-level shopping mall that has become quite the tourist attraction.  

Considered the epitome of postmodern design and technology, these buildings not only showcase the progression of the construction industry, but also the commercial potential of innovative real estate. A trio of marvels, these architectural giants are a projection of the future tallest buildings of the modern world. The gems of their cities and the delight of visiting tourist, the Burj Khalif, the Abraj Al Bait, and the Tapei 101 are well-worth a holiday to see.

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