21st Century Home Life

Modern family life in our house relies heavily on the Internet. My husband is a gamer and once we have eaten dinner and he’s finished washing up he loves nothing more than to get online and play.  He plays first person shooters with his mates so you can hear him chatting away as they go around and play war games. It suits me as he is basically out the way and not under my feet, plus it’s cheaper than the pub!

Busy Evenings at Home
While my husband plays I usually help the kids with any homework they have.  This always seems to involve going online and watching videos or doing some research. I can’t believe how much homework has changed since I was at school.  To start with they have so much more of it than I ever did.  We spend about one or two hours a night after dinner trying to stay on top of everything. I personally think kids have too much work to do these days but there is nothing I can do about it.

Once the homework is done I let the kids chill out and have some time to relax.  They either play out in the yard or inside when it’s too cold or when the rain is pouring down.  Both my kids love their handheld gaming consoles and luckily they often connect together so they get on really well.  After an hour or so it’s time for the old bedtime routine and then I am able to chill out too.
I probably get to sit down at around 9pm each night. By then I am exhausted and all I want to do is watch a few of my favourite shows before going to bed with a good book.  As my husband hogs the television I have had to find an alternative way of viewing the shows I want.  For a couple of years I would simply go into the bedroom and watch TV up there but it’s so antisocial.  I would end up finding it hard to switch off when it came to going to sleep too.

Catching Up with My Television Shows Has Never Been So Easy
Since we purchased a new laptop I have found I am able to watch TV in comfort on the sofa with my husband next to me. There are some brilliant websites that let you catch up with shows from the previous week, such as BBC iPlayer.  All the major television channels have sites like these so I am able to watch the shows I want whenever I get the time. Recently Netflix has come to the UK too so I have signed up for that. I am able to watch television series and movies instantly on the laptop, it’s perfect.
Now my husband is able to carry on playing his online games and I can watch my shows at the same time. It’s great just being together so we can catch up and just spend some time alone. Even though we are doing our own things we are still together and I really like that. Before I would feel somewhat lonely shut up in the bedroom and my husband felt a bit neglected too. Now he will often turn off his game and sit and watch a movie with me or a funny show if one comes on he enjoys. That never happened before as he wouldn’t know what I was watching.

The Digital Era

As you can see our home life involves a lot of online activity. Even school work demands being connected to the Internet now. It’s amazing to see how times have changed. While the Internet isn’t seen as a good thing by everyone it has certainly improved our home.

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