3 Tips for Creating a Good Impression with Your Clients

Anyone with a business knows the value of having clients who are satisfied. The clients are the ones who make or break a business. So it is a wise decision to try and make a good impression on all of your clients. They are, after all, the life force of any successful business. Because, when it's all said and done, if the clients are not happy, your business will eventually fail.

Let's take a look at 3 tips on making a good impression with your clients:

Tip #1 - Dress for the part

Make sure you are always looking your best when meeting with clients. It isn't enough to have the expertise to get the job done, but you should also look as though you have that expertise as well. Every day before leaving the house, check your mirror and determine if you look like someone you would want to do business with; if the answer is yes, then you can walk out the door feeling confident that your clients can feel comfortable placing their confidence in you.

Tip #2 - Show up on time

When you set an appointment to meet with a client, let nothing but death keep you from being at that appointment, on time. It doesn’t matter if you are a lawyer meeting clients at your office, or a plumber driving to a client’s home for an estimate; make it a point to be there when you are supposed to be there. Not only does it show that you place a high value on their time, but it also lets them know how serious you are about your business. This is the way to not only get repeat business, but it will also bring free publicity as your clients begin to spread the word about you. Word of mouth advertising is not only free, but it works better than any paid advertising could ever do for your company.

Tip #3 - Honour your word

You may have heard the phrase “Your word is your bond.” Well, in business this phrase definitely applies. This kind of goes hand in hand with tip number 2, because showing up on time is all about honouring your word. This is the way to build trust with your clients, which in turns create loyalty, and that is the way to grow your business. There are so many dishonest people in the business world; you’ll be surprised at how much your business will be positively impacted by simply showing that you are a person of integrity.
While there are many things that a person can do to make a good impression on their clients, by starting out with these three things, you will be well on your way to winning over each of your clients. Making your clients love you is an art that, if mastered, will end up paying huge dividends as it relates to the success of your business.

About the Author:
Tim is Business Relations expert from Brisbane, Australia. He says that even the quality of your business card printing plays a part in your first impressions. Tim is currently writing a book on the subject of first impressions.

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