Should I Trade My iPhone for an iPhone 4s?

Comparatively, it is clear that the iPhone 4s is the best iPhone ever released to date. It's processing capabilities and other simple functionalities are significantly boosted to the point that the iPhone 4 would look now seem a lot slower in the face of some of the most data processing or graphics intensive applications.
In terms of usage practicality though, many people are still doubtful if the iPhone 4s is actually significantly more useful than some of the older iPhone models. The question arises, is there any justifiable reason for us to just give away our current iPhone model to buy the newer iPhone 4s?

Why Switching to the iPhone 4s is Recommended
Obviously, the simplest and most mundane reason for you to switch to the iPhone 4s is to upgrade the hardware of your phone. Increasing the potential functionality of a smartphone could effectively make it more useful practically. Why limit yourself to a single-core processor when you can have a more advanced smartphone model that has a dual-core processor? The decision to upgrade gets even more firmly rooted when we own a model that is considerably older, for example an iPhone 3GS. If we are to only look at the value of performance, switching would probably be the wisest choice.

Why Switching to the iPhone 4s MAY NOT be Recommended
True, while it is generally beneficial for us to switch to the iPhone 4s for its specs, we still have to consider the issue of cost and usage over time. As an investment, it is probably not really very wise to switch immediately to a new smartphone model, especially for iPhone 4 users, as it has been barely a year since the iPhone 4 was officially released.
In addition to investment considerations, we also need to consider if we are actually capable of using the phone's maximum capabilities often. If you are the really looking forward into playing great HD games with your smartphone, then the iPhone 4s might be worth the buck. However, if you are not really into data processing intensive applications or games, then the upgrade would technically not worth much.

To Switch or not to Switch?
So, in the end, what would be the wisest decision? If you have an older iPhone model, then the switch to the iPhone 4s can be a considered as a great investment. If you own an iPhone 4, try to weigh first your need for such performance capability before jumping in to purchase an iPhone 4s.

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