Top Tech Schools For 2012

It is no surprise that technology degrees have tripled in the last ten years; the high demand for all things techie are a steady stream of income and job security.  Job placement out of school in the technology field is remains in the 90% range; this does not include those who venture out on their own after school; so in realty the availability of jobs for techies is more around 99%.  The cost of schooling for this degree is not as much as one might expect either; most times the school will include gadgets and other supplies in the tuition fee for that year.  These are the top tech schools for 2012-2013 for their curriculum, tuition, and reputation among employers.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been in the top ten list for best technical colleges in the country for years.  It is like the “Harvard” for techies; the school is completely wireless and 80% of the courses are on an exclusive Web for the college that is free to anyone. MIT is popular for students having free reign over designing their dorms with the latest techie gadgets too.

Villanova University
Located in Villanova, PA; and was the top pick in PC magazine for best technical colleges.  The school is a private sector that offers a free laptop to new students.  The operation for this college is almost 100% online; students can submit their payments, registration, and assignments over the web; making this school virtually paperless.

Swarthmore College
This school is also located in PA; and has created a virtual social media hangout; live forums for students and professors to chat, and has gone wireless for dorm students.  Their computer courses are one of the best in the country; most students here can opt in on the latest software beta programs to rate and test.

Creighton University
Instead of waiting for that dreaded snail mail acceptance letter; Creighton offers notification via text message. The school specializes in small classroom settings and maybe the first college that can will have students use their smartphones for accessing their grades, register, and take exams.

Michigan Tech University
This school only has about 6000 students that attend and uses a real world approach to their curriculum.  Their Blue Marble program is designed to mimic corporations that use the latest technology in computer systems.  The students are involved with solving real problems that participating companies are experiencing; this is the best hands on technical school in the country.
The best school for technology majors is the ones that are up to date with what the outside world needs and how future developments will affect the techie realm.  Most techies know that this field is constantly evolving and the best job security is knowing what is currently on the rise in the job market.

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