Laptops of 2012 that Rule in Speed, Performance and Lightness

In 2012, there are new laptop models galore. The buyer can’t help but wonder which one is the best bet of the lot, so it’s ever important to do a bit of homework in advance.

All rolled into one

Imagine 4 GB RAM, 320 GB internal storage capacity along with an 11-inch screen size. Unbelievable? Well, Think Pad has done it again with its new X120e with a dual core processor thrown in as well. Built in stereo speakers, audio with a single microphone and battery life are the added benefits along with good Wi-Fi. And it comes along with a perfect CPU fan along with a camera. It’s value for money indeed.
Series 3 from a company like Samsung is full of potential especially when we are talking about the NP350U2B with its i5 core processor and lightweight body. With a 4 GB, it meets speed requirements especially since you get 500 GB storage and a 12.5-inch screen. Music and videos are no problem thanks to the good 2-speaker audio system.
HP ProBook 4530S-XU015UT has both looks as well as sturdiness along with an ample internal memory of 320 GB. It has decent operational speed thanks to its 4 GB RAM and comes at a low key price figure.

The performers

Apple’s Mac Book Pro is the talk of the town with more than 700 GB internal storage facility going with 4GM Ram with dual core from Intel i7 processor.
Performance, lightness, size and looks all fit the parameters of Acer’s Aspire TimelineX AS1830T-6651. Even with applications running, you get a 5-hour battery life with a larger than 11-inch screen and 500 GB memory plus 4 GB RAM.
The Inspiron Duo from Dell has awesome looks that could kill though the RAM is 2GB and yet the performance is good with 320 GB storage. Sturdy with a touchscreen facility and 10.1-inch screen, it may be Dell’s best laptop yet.
The Macbook Air from Apple is a tad less on performance with a storage of 128 GB but the RAM is 4 GB giving you great performance. Its audio capabilities are good too.

Listen to the music

The Qosmio X775-Q7272 is Toshiba’s new creation with speakers that make listening to music blissful, along with a screen of a cool 17.3-inch that’s great for videos and movies. It also has a processor of i7 core along with 1 Tb hard disk.
Hp isn’t lagging far behind with its Pavilion notebook DV6-6140us. It is the one stop device to download all one’s media files with the added bonus of Beats audio system. It features a screen of over 15-inch and above 600 GB of storage space. As for speed, the 6GB RAM takes care of one’s speed requirements.
 The G770-10372KU from Lenovo too comes with the same screen size though the processor is Core I five. Those on the move will find that despite multitasking on the go, the battery life is better than most laptops.  A 700 GB internal memory stores whatever one likes without any trouble.

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