Timeless Business Tips from Millionaire Magnates

As a corporate persona, cultivating friendship with older, more experienced individuals in the industry is always a good idea. Not only will these successful magnates willingly fling their business tips and seeds of wisdom upon you but they are usually the catalysts that ensure a success story of your own.

Top Business Tips I Wouldn’t Trade:

- There’s no such thing as a safe bet: A suggested investment doesn’t always result in riches. Whether a friend or family member recommended the venture, you should consider the move with caution. If it were really that profitable, they probably wouldn’t have told you about it to begin with.
- Owning a business isn’t the only way to success: One of the best business tips around, A start-up is oftentimes quite a risky production. Buying an established business is usually less of a risk and it presents you with the same opportunities to grow, expand and sell for a tidy sum.
- Don’t blow your money: Just because you have money, doesn’t mean you should spend it. Being scrappy at all times is mandatory for a small company. Whether you’re subletting 660 square foot office space and squeezing in 12 employees and a boardroom, or you’re installing a water cooler and letting your employees see to their own coffee and tea requirements.
- Make money by spending money: Well don’t be stingy either. A business tip that goes both ways, saving money in order to spend it on something will motivate you to keep on earning. When you’ve hit the bulls-eye money wise, buy what you wanted to buy and then start the cycle again.
- Have some balls: Be upfront about what you’re doing and where you’re going and do it. Don’t shy away from confrontation when it comes to defending yourself and your livelihood and above all, don’t let people push you around.
- Stay under the radar: Businesses often get so caught up in the limelight that they forget about how it is affecting their intake. Publicity can lead to competition and competition to loss. A business tip and some advice for when the camera is blinding your common sense, make millions under the radar while you still can. Once you’ve made it, the media will swarm and there’ll be no getting rid of them then.

Who wouldn’t take a business tip from a successful millionaire?

With cash coming out of their ears and the crown of their corporate empire resting on their foreheads, there is no-one that can resist the advice of a self-made millionaire. From their decades of experience combined, the business tips they casually distribute are pearls of wisdom that should not be cast away.

When going into business Bella Gray is a corporate businesswoman who enjoys blogging about her work experience from her executive suites. Recently looking to rent office space, Gray is excited about expanding her company and following the road to success.

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