5 Top Jobs In The Technology Field

Technology is one of the booming fields in the job market today; and it is expected to create hundreds of thousands of jobs by 2020.  The job market for computer geeks and digital media freaks offer stability and great pay; and the schooling is around 2 years or none at all.  Think of Facebook’s creator; he dropped out of Harvard.  If you have a passion for technology and a drive for inventing, then this field could make you a lot of money.  Here are the top 5 jobs in the technology field that have great pay and job security.

Computer Programmer
The average salary for this position is in the 70,000 mark and does require good grammar and writing skills.  A computer programmer will write or re-write programs, test software, and evaluate those programs to perform better.  There is a certain language that programmers will need to know that apply to the computer world; and this job requires constant upkeep on the vast changes in the field.

Software Developer
Could you write the next best social media site and beat Facebook?  That is what a software developer does; they are super tech savvy and write codes for developing software programs.  They can make up to 85,000 starting out in the right company; they will usually be a part of a team that also tests and troubleshoots the software. Once a certain program goes live it is up to these guys to ensure it runs smoothly and provide the updates.

Web Developer 
Are you a visual computer techie; does the idea of designing websites sound like fun?  This job in technology is one of the most favored and statistically earns great pay.  A web developer will be in charge of designing the back drop for a website; for instance, if you have visited a website that was hard to navigate or visually unappealing; it would be due to whoever designed it.  They will also be in charge for the upkeep of the site and need to understand some marketing ideals as well.  This position can be done as a freelance job; meaning you set your own hours and price for building sites, so the earnings are endless.

Computer Systems Analyst
Do constantly ask what if or why does that do that?  This profession will view the computer system as a whole, the hardware, software, and all of its networks; then analyze how they all work or don’t work together.  Imagine pushing out the Apple products; your job would be to configure the best user compatibility along with a profit for the company.

Civil Engineers 
If sitting at computer all day is not your ideal work day; then this technology driven job may be your future profession.  This is a master’s degree profile; but you are in charge of designing and overseeing a city’s infrastructure; bridges, tunnels, roadways, and water supplies.  It is like being an architect for a rural area.  The many jobs inside a civil engineer can take you to faraway places and the pay compensates with the size of the duty.
Many people who have lost their jobs due to the market have changed careers to make the demands of the market.  Technology jobs are expected to be one of the most demanding fields in the future; and the security for these is solid.

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