Browser Wars : Which One To Choose?

What browser should you use and why? What are the benefits of one over the other? For years the leading browser was Microsoft's Internet Explorer but in recent years that has changed quite dramatically due to word of mouth and the advertising campaigns of competitors. Google brought their Chrome browser to the market and took the internet by storm. It was being reviewed in newspapers, advertised on Google's homepage, blogs, podcasts, etc. It gained traffic seemingly overnight and has posed a real threat to Mozilla's Firefox who used to be the leading number two internet browser for years. Of course there is Safari, which is Apple's proprietary browser that comes preinstalled on all Mac computers and mobile devices.

Chrome is probably the most popular nonproprietary browser at the moment. Not only due to the way that Google advertised the product, and continues, but because of its versatility. You can get native apps, and my personal favorite feature is the out of box way you can sync your bookmarks, search history, etc. across multiple computers. I have three computers that I use off and on and having my bookmarks automatically passed to each machine as soon as I open up the browser is a huge plus for me.

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer got a bad reputation because of its primary users. Most users were still on version six even after two much more improved versions had been released by Microsoft. Now this is not Microsoft's fault, but more the oversight of unknowing users. The browser is still considered kind of slow by many users and the lack of extensions and plugins for it make it less appealing to the tech market. It is still in the top 3 most used browsers though, but only because the majority of Windows users do not know that there are alternatives.

Safari has always been quite speedy and it’s a common favorite of Mac users. I personally attribute that too Mac fandom and "snobiness" a lot, but not always. Some people just love the simplicity of the browser and how nicely it browses the web. It is also a huge player in the market because of the number of installs of Safari Mobile on iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. And even with alternative mobile browsers on the iOS platform, it is by far the market winner.

Lastly there is good old Mozilla FireFox. Still a favorite of many hardcore fans and the ability and amount of extensions that are available for this browser keep it in the top 5 web browsers, for now. They are also the only independent company that runs a web browser. This is one of the main reason why I still root for them.

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