TwitchCon Europe 2024

Twitch, the leading global live-streaming service, has revealed the featured creators who will be attending TwitchCon Europe 2024. Taking place in the vibrant city of Rotterdam for the first time on June 29th and 30th and for the next three years, the iconic event for live streaming will see some of the biggest stars in streaming; including Sweet_Anita, JackManifoldTV, daniellippens, Fems, levideweerd, Radderss, Saar, Samora, StreamwithLien, and Twoosie with many more attending. Ticket holders can purchase tickets here and will have exclusive access to unique merchandise, a bespoke chat badge on Twitch, and the opportunity to meet and network with streamers and the wider community.

TwitchCon Europe 2024

TwitchCon is Twitch's twice-annual IRL gathering that sees tens of thousands of Twitch streamers, viewers, and communities meet in person for a weekend of creativity, competitive gaming, knowledge-sharing, and fun. This summer, Twitch plans to paint the town purple in Rotterdam and all attendees will be able to see their favorite streamers, try new experiences and hear about new products, whilst having great fun with friends.

The Featured Streamers set the agenda for this year's schedule with loads of exciting events, insightful workshops, and activities announced today. Highlights include Samora’s interactive trivia challenge, Sweet_Anita’s PixelGuesser game show, the Baldur’s Gate 3 cast talk show with LEAH and MrGibbon’s celebration of the Roleplay community on Twitch.

Alongside these Featured Streamers, Twitch Rivals will host several fun and entertaining tournaments throughout the weekend. Minecraft fans can get involved with MC Championship LIVE, where the genius builders at Noxcrew have cooked up phenomenal custom challenges with opportunities for the audience to affect the game. The finale will see some of the biggest Minecraft streamers battle for the 2024 Crown to close out the show. To start planning an epic weekend in Rotterdam, attendees can check out the full schedule here.

“I’m excited to have such an incredible line-up of talent join us at TwitchCon Europe. TwitchCon is made possible by our partners bringing communities together over shared interests and hobbies. We are incredibly proud to create these events giving people the opportunity to meet IRL and cement their bonds in person,” said Dan Clancy, CEO of Twitch. “I can’t wait to meet fellow streamers, and to build new connections with attendees joining us for the first time. The show will be jam packed with announcements and fun content and we’re looking forward to revealing more very soon!”

“I am really looking forward to meeting streamers and viewers from all over the world at TwitchCon to share our passions with each other. As a gaming streamer, streaming is often done alone at home, and now it is brought together at a physical event where you can connect with each other not only online but also in real life. I am so thrilled to meet everyone,” said Sarah ‘Saar’ Verhoeven. “The fact that Twitch highlights you as a streamer at TwitchCon is very special to me and makes you feel seen and heard. I am also very excited to meet my community in real life and share this experience together.”

Among the talented streamers attending TwitchCon Europe are:


TwitchCon Europe in Rotterdam will be held at the Rotterdam Ahoy for the first time ever and will return to the same location in 2025 and 2026. For more information including ticket sales, community perks and airfare discounts visit the Twitch blog here.

Beyond TwitchCon Europe, TwitchCon San Diego has today announced that its content submissions are now live. This is the annual opportunity for creators, artists, musicians, performers or anyone with a passion to engage with the crowds of TwitchCon. Applications are now open for the following parts of the convention:
Artist Alley
Community Sessions
TwitchCon Cosplay Showcase
TwitchCon Drag Showcase
Interactive Sessions
Music Sessions
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