LG Electronics USA (LG) today announced pricing and availability for its S95TR Soundbar with wireless Dolby Atmos®1 and true wireless rear surround speakers. A perfect complement to LG TVs, the new Soundbar provides an elevated audio experience with comprehensive features and a sleek, sophisticated design. The S95TR Soundbar retails for $1,499 and is available today at LG.com and LG-authorized retailers.


LG's S95TR Soundbar stands as a testament to superior sound engineering. Boasting an impressive 810W of power output, this flagship model contains 17 precisely arranged speakers, orchestrating an enveloping surround sound experience. With five up-firing speakers, the S95TR takes the lead in innovation, featuring the industry's first center-up-firing speaker. Its acoustic brilliance elevates the three-dimensional soundscape, broadening the horizon of the soundstage while delivering crystal-clear dialogue.

Expertly re-engineered, the S95TR Soundbar achieves new heights in audio fidelity of music playback, voice clarity and surround sound. The transformation begins with an upscaled physical design, upgraded tweeters and the strategic integration of passive radiators. The Soundbar pushes the low-frequency response down to an earthy 120Hz for balanced sound, and refined tweeters ensure that the highest frequencies are delivered with enhanced clarity for an enriched audio experience.

A perfect choice for experiencing surround sound, WOWCAST enables the S95TR Soundbar to connect wirelessly to select LG TVs, making the enjoyment of advanced cinematic technologies like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X®2 easier. LG's WOW Interface provides an intuitive and user-friendly way of navigating through LG TV sound settings and, with the press of a button, utilizing LG's WOW Orchestra technology. This symphonic alliance between the Soundbar and select LG TV orchestrates a harmonious fusion of audio channels, expanding the soundstage and adding layers of depth that elevate the heights of auditory imagery.

LG's 3D Spatial Sound Technology applies channel analysis through a 3D engine to captivate listeners with lifelike sound and an immersive sense of space. In addition, LG AI Room Calibration swiftly assesses the room's environment and fine-tunes the settings to enrich the audio in harmony with the room's acoustics. New for 2024, the AI Room Calibration introduces an extended capability to calibrate the audio of rear surround speakers, enriching audio immersion and providing greater flexibility for installation.

SOURCE LG Electronics USA
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