PARD Unveils the Best Revolutionary 2024 Thermal Handheld Camera and Rifle Scope, the Sphinx 384

PARD announces the release of its groundbreaking product, the Sphinx 384 Thermal Handheld Camera and Rifle Scope. Representing a leap forward in versatility and functionality, the Sphinx 384 is the industry's first all-in-one solution for thermal imaging, combining the capabilities of a handheld thermal imaging camera with those of a thermal imaging rifle scope attachment.

PARD Unveils the Best Revolutionary 2024 Thermal Handheld Camera and Rifle Scope, the Sphinx 384

Featuring a compact and lightweight design, the Sphinx 384 is engineered with a 5-inch large screen and a new generation 12µm, NETD≤35mK vanadium oxide sensor. You'll be amazed at how effortlessly it helps you identify and track your target with detailed thermal imaging. Additionally, our quick-release mount offers you an instant switch between a handheld thermal searching camera, allowing you to find newborn calves in a deadly blizzard, locate your ice-fishing buddies in the fog, detect hidden electrical problems that might pose a fire risk to your home, and even level the odds when dealing with crop-raiding feral hogs. A large screen enhances clarity in low-light conditions and extreme weather environments, providing unmatched convenience for your thermal imaging adventures.

When mounted on rifles, the Sphinx 384 functions as a thermal riflescope and resembles a sort of flashlight. Such a unique design indeed represents a game-changing device for finding wounded or lost animals (including humans) and for hunting nocturnal non-game animals like coyotes, pigs, and raccoons.

Integrated laser rangefinder and built-in ballistic calculator offer precise range finding up to 1200 yards for placing a hash mark exactly where your bullet will hit, enhancing the shooting experience for hunters and marksmen.

The Sphinx 384 is specifically designed to cater to the following target users: outdoor enthusiasts and hunters who engage in nighttime or daytime hunting of various animals such as hogs, wild boars, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, and more; professional shooters who participate in outdoor target shooting and require precise aiming capabilities for practice and competitions; pest control professionals who rely on thermal imaging technology for efficient pest detection and management; wildlife experts and enthusiasts who enjoy observing and studying animals in their natural habitats; and law enforcement officers who utilize it as a thermal imaging security camera for surveillance and search operations.

In the future, PARD's R&D team will continue to innovate in the field of thermal imaging, seeking breakthroughs in the quality of every unit's image. This includes enhancing the types and practicality of available color palettes, increasing image resolution, and optimizing the usability and ergonomic design of each unit.

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