Ultimate Outdoor Cooling Solution Kit - ICECO APL Collection

ICECO, a leading manufacturer of outdoor portable fridges since 2005, proudly presents the APL Collection, the latest generation of outdoor cooling solutions for 2023. Designed in response to the valuable input and suggestions from our dedicated ICECO community, the APL Collection sets new standards as the most reliable and versatile companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

Ultimate Outdoor Cooling Solution Kit - ICECO APL Collection

APL55 Portable Fridge: Unleash Exceptional Cooling Power

The APL55 Portable Fridge stands as the newest addition to ICECO's renowned outdoor freezer collection. Built with a robust metal casing and reinforced with a thick layer of insulation foam, the APL55 excels in enduring challenging environments while delivering exceptional cooling performance. This outdoor fridge gladiator is designed to accompany adventurers through flat and wide roads, rugged jungles, and arid deserts, ensuring fresh food and chilled beverages wherever your explorations take you.

Base Trolley for APL55: Convenient Mobility

Transporting a large outdoor fridge to your campsite is no longer a challenge with the Base Trolley for APL55. Crafted with impact-resistant materials and a high chassis, this trolley effortlessly conquers rough terrains, allowing for efficient transportation of your APL55 to your desired destination. Furthermore, by adding the optional Oxford cloth base, the trolley transforms into a versatile outdoor gear carrier, providing ample space for additional supplies.

Magnetic Power Bank and Foldable Solar Panel Kit: Power on the Go

Enhance the mobility and power support of your APL55 with the Magnetic Power Bank and Foldable Solar Panel Kit. The Magnetic Power Bank provides up to 5 hours of continuous power, ensuring a reliable energy source for your APL55 during your outdoor adventures. Coupled with the 80W solar panel, this kit enables hassle-free off-grid living, allowing you to enjoy camping or overnight trips without worrying about power supply.

The APL series has been meticulously designed to prioritize the experience of outdoor enthusiasts, guaranteeing comfort and creating unforgettable memories. Let the APL series keep up with your pace and chill your adventures this summer. Experience the ultimate outdoor cooling solution with the APL Collection. For more information, visit https://icecofreezer.com/.

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