Duke University Supports Student Success with New eCampus.com Online Bookstore Partnership

Duke University, a leading research institution located in Durham, North Carolina, has selected eCampus.com as the University's official online bookstore for course materials. This partnership, beginning Summer 2023, will streamline students' shopping experience for cost-effective course materials through a customized online storefront.

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Through a competitive process, Duke selected eCampus.com for their commitment to improving student success through access to affordable course materials. The new online storefront will seamlessly integrate with existing Duke University systems to create a customized ordering experience that instantly populates all required course materials based on students' class schedules. With every content format available — including both print and digital — students can select the format that best fits their budget and learning style. Students will also have the option to purchase from eCampus.com's proprietary Marketplace where third-party sellers offer course materials at deep discounts.

As a part of the partnership, the campus-operated Duke University Store will house a Course Materials Service Center. Here, students can conveniently pick up their online course material orders, sell textbooks, return their rental textbooks, and receive customer support. Faculty can also leverage the service center for assistance with the adoption process. In addition to on-campus support, students can access a dedicated customer service system 24/7 through the new online storefront.

To further eCampus.com's commitment to convenience and textbook affordability, students will have a variety of flexible shipping options to suit their needs, such as free shipping directly to the Duke University Store or Duke Medical Center Bookstore for convenient on-campus pickup. Faculty will also benefit from the new partnership through a robust and intuitive online adoption platform. Using advanced technologies, faculty have academic freedom to research and adopt best-fit content, including OER and custom materials, with access to real-time pricing and availability.

"We are excited to welcome Duke University as an eCampus.com partner to join efforts in combating the rising cost of course materials, " said Matt Montgomery, President and CEO of eCampus.com. "Through our advanced technology platforms, we look forward to improving student success through convenient access to the materials they need at an affordable price."

"Duke Stores is excited about our new partnership with eCampus.com," said Brian Burtram, Director of Duke Stores. "We are looking forward to partnering with the eCampus.com team to provide our students with improved options and pricing for new and used textbooks and digital materials. This partnership will allow us to provide state-of-the-art course materials at significant savings to students. In addition to the improvements for students, we are pleased that faculty will have a robust, user-friendly adoption site, which will greatly improve Duke's textbook selection processes."

SOURCE eCampus.com
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