BEAVERLAB Darwin M2, The Detachable USB LCD Digital Microscope With 4.3" IPS Screen

BEAVERLAB, a leading brand in the field of digital microscopes, announces today the launch of the Darwin M2, the world's first wireless detachable digital microscope featuring a 4.3-inch 24-bit IPS display panel. The Darwin M2 is now available on, starting at a super early bird price of $155.

BEAVERLAB Darwin M2, The Detachable USB LCD Digital Microscope With 4.3" IPS Screen

"A microscope can help us surpass the limitations of the naked eye and explore the microscopic world. However, many microscopes are heavy and inconvenient to carry," said Hongfei Fang, CEO of BEAVERLAB. "The Darwin M2 digital microscope is dedicated to eliminating these limitations, enabling kids, adults, or anyone with outdoor observation needs to utilize a more practical tool for observation."

The Darwin M2 solves the most critical issues that have prevented the microscope from becoming a more useful tool, including the limited field of view, lack of portability, difficulties in image recording, and the inability to connect to WiFi.

The Darwin M2 solves these issues by delivering:

4.3″ IPS Screen

The large 24-bit IPS screen offers a comfortable observation experience and helps to protect users' eyes and neck. Users can lean back in their chairs while observing instead of bending over to aim the small eyepiece. With a 2.0MP HD image sensor, the IPS screen displays every detail with remarkable clarity.

2-in-1 Detachable Design

The microscope tube can be detached from the stand base, providing complete observation freedom in various environments. The 2500mAh built-in battery can power the microscope tube for up to 5 hours, making the Darwin M2 perfect for field trips, hikes, and other outdoor exploration activities.

Taking Photos and Videos

By simply touching the photo/video button at the bottom of the screen, capturing and saving discoveries becomes easier than ever. With its built-in 32GB storage, hundreds of files can be recorded.

Easy Share & Download

With the built-in WiFi network and self-equipped app, you can wirelessly download images and videos from the Darwin M2 directly to your smartphone's album without the need for a USB cable. This convenient feature enables you to easily share your discoveries with family and friends or upload them to your social media channel.

Quick Projection

The Darwin M2 allows for real-time projection onto a smartphone or a large display, making it an ideal choice for simultaneous observations by multiple users. By simply tapping the camera icon on the smartphone screen during projection, users can also capture images and videos, which will be automatically synchronized to the TF card in the Darwin M2.

RGB Optical Staining

RGB optical staining is an eco-friendly feature that eliminates the traditional and tedious staining process. By rotating the knob of the Darwin M2, the backlight changes to thousands of colors, highlighting different details of the specimens. Moreover, this feature enables repeated staining of specimens without contamination.

Price & Availability

Darwin M2 digital microscope is available on starting today for a special, limited super early bird price of $155. The regular early bird price is $175. This is the perfect opportunity to try out Darwin M2.

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