European Climate App Zerofy, Launches In US for Earth Week

Zerofy, a European climate app that helps households decarbonise, has launched in the US to mark Earth Week. American users can now download the free app to track their carbon footprints, automated & real-time, reduce emissions, learn, and save on energy bills. The app guides users with actionable ways they can shift towards an eventual electrified and zero-carbon home.

Image of Climate App Zerofy

After entering a few initial household details, carbon tracking in the app is automated, with no manual entry required. For example, the app automatically tracks different transportation modes, noting emissions from a bike trip (zero) versus a car trip (calculated based on your distance driven, car make and model). Zerofy integrates with US utility companies for automated tracking of home energy emissions, as well as smart home devices and appliances, bringing emissions data into one place. Real-time insights into home energy helps people to analyze their consumption and continually optimize.

"Our team is thrilled to mark Earth Week by launching the app in the US," said Co-Founder Criss Uudam. "Shifting to low-carbon energy is a growing priority for so many households, and Zerofy is such an effective, holistic tool to help them get there—with as little friction as possible."

"We've had a great deal of interest from people in the US who are concerned about climate change and want to take action as individuals. Plus, rising energy costs are making consumers hyper-interested in understanding their consumption," said Co-Founder Till Quack.

Zerofy differs from other apps on the market because it prioritizes helping people directly reduce their emissions, as opposed to selling carbon offsets.

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