BMW Italy and Alcantara celebrate BMW's Series M 50th anniversary

BMW Italy teamed up with Alcantara to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its BMW M brand with a one-off M4 Competition model with a unique Alcantara interior.

BMW Italy and Alcantara celebrate BMW's Series M 50th anniversary

The car was unveiled recently at the House of BMW on the Via Verri in Milan. Black Alcantara® dresses the car's seats, headliner, pillars and door panels with stitching in yellow and black to commemorate the historic partnership between the two companies.

Among the car's many customized features are one-off laser-rendered reproductions of the Milan skyline on the side door panels. Milan is the lifestyle-and-fashion city where both Alcantara and BMW Italy are based.

The BMW M4 is powered by a 510-horsepower inline six-cylinder engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology.

"2022 is a special year for BMW's M division because we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the brand that has always offered the highest performance sports cars in our range," said Massimiliano Di Silvestre, president and CEO of BMW Italy. "This is an extraordinary story of a car and its Italian DNA that has become legendary.

"The BMW M1 was designed by Giugiaro and the brand was therefore a natural choice to enthusiastically accept Alcantara's proposal to make a one-off BMW M4 Competition. This was the perfect way to celebrate BMW M's 50th anniversary with outstanding Italian design and cutting-edge sustainable materials."

Alcantara's President and CEO Andrea Boragno added that "At Alcantara we are delighted about this partnership with BMW, which once again has given us the opportunity to demonstrate our shared values. Alcantara accentuates the extreme sportiness and lightness of the M Series, offering the driver grip for a sporty ride with the comfort and wear resistance of Alcantara without sacrificing a truly unique sensory experience."

SOURCE Alcantara S.p.A.
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