AYO: The World's First Circadian Health Wearable

Novalogy Inc. announced today the release of AYO - the World's First Circadian Health Wearable, developed to help people lead a healthier, happier, and more active life. AYO is based on the latest research that combines Chronobiology and Light Therapy into a specialized wearable with a Circadian Health app.

AYO: The World's First Circadian Health Wearable

AYO's technology will allow people around the world for the very first time to:Move beyond tracking (sleep and health) to actually improve their health outcomes
Deeply understand their own natural – circadian rhythm and support it
Achieve health and wellness goals by utilizing their own biology and the power of circadian light

The circadian clock located in our brain is responsible for almost every biological process we can think of. It dictates our sleep, metabolism, and activity levels on a continuous, 24/7 basis.

Yet almost 70% of people experience circadian disruptions daily, which leads to sleep disorders, low energy, weight gain, poor mood, accelerated aging, as well as increased risk for almost every modern disease out there, from cardiovascular complications to cancer.

"AYO's approach to Circadian Health is essential for keeping our circadian rhythms in synchrony with the 24-hour day & night cycle." says Prof. Dr. Thomas Kantermann, Novalogy Inc. Chief Scientific Officer and expert Chronobiologist.

Novalogy Inc. has been developing and testing the AYO Circadian Health solution for the past 5 years in collaboration with some of the world's leading experts and researchers in Chronobiology, light therapy and health. With over 25.000 participants, 1+ million light sessions and studies with the likes of Mount Sinai, City of Hope, US Department of Defense, the outlook is very promising - understanding and supporting the circadian rhythm gives results and helps in achieving health and sleep goals more quickly and easily.

AYO has been used by top NBA players and the world's best tennis players, next to Olympic teams and various celebrities and high-profile executives who had early access to the technology. Now Novalogy Inc. is ready to provide AYO to anyone who needs it. The wearable technology market is poised to reach over $100 billion by 2028 and is excellent at tracking, yet, falls short when it comes down to improving outcomes. AYO is the missing link that closes this gap.

"We, at Novalogy Inc., found it paramount to bring to the market a solution that integrates Circadian Health into our everyday life for a better, happier, and healthier living.", says Branislav Nikolic, CEO of Novalogy Inc. "The technology is so revolutionary that it will fundamentally change the way we look at sleep, health, and our (biological) time. I have no doubt that Circadian Health will become the new foundation of health and wellness in the years to come."

AYO: The World's First Circadian Health Wearable and App are available on www.goayo.com.

SOURCE Novalogy Inc
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