Laptop Accessories Leader Xebec Doubles Product Lineup, Equipping Anyone to Work From Anywhere

Today, leading laptop accessories brand Xebec™, creator of the original award-winning Tri-Screen, launched three products to further its mission to equip anyone to work from anywhere: The Keyboard, The Mouse, and The PowerBank.

Laptop Accessories Leader Xebec Doubles Product Lineup, Equipping Anyone to Work From Anywhere

The expanded Xebec collection is all designed using sleek, premium form factors to ensure productivity while on the go doesn't come at the expense of portability and style. Led by the best-selling flagship Tri-Screen 2, the Xebec lineup is sold exclusively on the Xebec website as individual products and bundles.

"Xebec is so much more than just a Tri-Screen brand. We created the company based on our passion for enabling others to get the most out of life, and we're excited to introduce new products and bundles to help usher in this era of flexible work," said Alex Levine, CEO and co-founder of Xebec. "Our vision is not to bring work with you everywhere you go; it's about where you are when you log off. With the tools to work from anywhere, you now have the flexibility to set up at a coffee shop, a friend's house, or extend that personal trip."

Each new product is available independently and within four unique bundles designed to cater to various lifestyle needs with bundled pricing.The Keyboard: The thinnest full-sized keyboard, with an adjustable angle to fit any lifestyle.
The Mouse: Designed for travel and built for comfort with the freedom of Bluetooth connection.
The PowerBank: Built to power the mobile lifestyle, it offers a full charge for most laptops and up to 7x for phones.

A company rebrand accompanies the launch to visually represent Xebec's original vision, showcasing the brand's adventurous personality and brand mascot Vinny the Vanagon across all products and digital platforms.

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