gDEX becomes the Largest Web3 Community Gaming Platform in the Metaverse

In less than 4 months out of stealth, gDEX Metaverse has taken the industry by storm by becoming the largest Web3 Community Gaming Platform in the Metaverse. Even more so notable, they achieved this during the biggest crash the crypto markets have seen to date, proving that if one provides real value and solutions in their products, users will join no matter what state the economies are in.

gDEX becomes the Largest Web3 Community Gaming Platform in the Metaverse

At a glance, gDEX provides a low-to-no-cost Web3 gaming solution with 6 of their core products fully developed and live. This suite of products is loved and used by more than 115 games, 60 guilds, 60,000 scholars and 300,000 Registered Metaverse Passport users.

On the backend, their team brings over 60 combined years of gaming and Web3 experience including Pokemon, Disney Games, Tron, TechStars Web3, Final Fantasy, and more. At the same time, gDEX is also backed and advised by top professional gaming influencers with 30M followers and 5Bn views combined.

Like Steam, which created an online platform & enhanced the experience players, guilds & game studios have when using console platforms, gDEX is expanding this model into Web3…but taking it much further. Firstly, gDEX solutions focus on reducing & improving every step of the gaming experience for games, players, and guilds in Web3. This makes them the first company in the market to provide real solutions to real problems. For games and developers, gDEX's Lego block suite of Web3 chain agnostic tools helps games drive revenue, increase usability, manage gaming assets, become cross-platform compatible, and scale communities across the metaverse.

Their core tools include the world's first Metaverse Passport - a developable, tradable & rentable cross-platform SSO Web3 gaming ID that tracks a player's journeys & assets across the metaverse. There is also the Guild Management Tool which allows guilds to manage the entire process of Web3 gaming efficiently and scale their business across games & chains. Finally, there are the GameFi Missions which games and guilds can customize & deploy gamified acquisition, loyalty & retention programs with reward-driven achievements.

Games and developers wanting to reach success in Web3 by providing their users the best gaming experience in the metaverse can seamlessly integrate with gDEX's Unified Chain-Agnostic API Portal. Their tools are composable, plug & play & can be integrated within a matter of hours to a few days.

gDEX can help players, guilds and gaming communities to manage their entire gaming experience and gaming assets from one platform. They can monetize their gamer identities, onboard games easily and manage and grow their guilds like never before — all attached to their own unique metaverse passport (Web3 Gamer ID) which is fully transferable, tradeable, and rentable.

gDEX has created a global real-time metaverse network of games, guilds and players on its platform. gDEX has created a global real-time metaverse network of games, guilds & players on its platform. It gives access to this network through its suite of Dapps, in order to efficiently match demand for games with supply of players, guilds & communities & optimize the management of the entire Web3 gaming experience. This network creates symbiotic value for all participants through integrations. As the network expands, more value is created for current and new participants entering the space.

Despite the downturn in market conditions, the metaverse continues to grow as more and more participants enter the space. Among these include, experienced game creators launching their own AAA web3 games, seasoned professional gamers going into web3 esports, and even mass movement of community creators entering the web3 space to better monetize their mods! As all of them converge, platforms like gDEX are poised to seize the opportunity to unite them under their banner, both centralizing and decentralizing the power dynamics of the gaming industry under a single platform.

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