Intelligent 65W Charger: NovaPort DUO

The World's Smallest Intelligent 65W Charger: NovaPort DUO 65W will be launched on Indiegogo this week by CIO Japan, a Japanese charger manufacturer in Osaka, Japan. This project raised over $275,000 USD on the Japanese crowdfunding site "Makuake".

The NovaPort DUO 65W is the world's smallest 2-port USB-C charger, it has a 65W high power output and a compact size that fits in the palm of your hand. Also, as a multi-port charger, it can power PCs, smartphones and tablets, as well as a variety of devices simultaneously.

Intelligent 65W Charger: NovaPort DUO

It is equipped with CIO's original control technology "Nova Intelligence." Nova Intelligence instantly detects the optimal power for each device, from small devices to laptops, and provides a smarter, stress-free charging environment.

In addition, the heat dissipation and maximum power efficiency of the graphene and GaN chip make the NovaPort DUO the world's smallest USB-C charger.

The surface is coarsely grained like that of a high-end SLR camera. Resistant to scratches, its design makes it ideal for everyday use.

Here are the details again about this exciting project:One Charger To Power Every Device
Lightweight and Pocket-Sized
Lightning Quick Charging Time
Fits In Any Space
Eliminates Clutter
Maximizes Productivity

NovaPort DUO will be launched on August 2:

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