Holoswim Announces Launch of Next-Generation AR Smart Swim Goggles

GUANGLI team, a high-tech enterprise focusing on consumer-level AR products, just announced the launch of Holoswim 2 - AR Smart Swim Goggles. These innovative tech-powered goggles take swimming into future and are available now on Kickstarter: https://bit.ly/3QePwu2

Holoswim Announces Launch of Next-Generation AR Smart Swim Goggles

Designed for smart swimming, Holoswim is an AR-enhanced goggle for swimmers from pros to hobbyists. Training with goals, swimming to get fit, or simply counting laps, with built-in smart sensors and advanced algorithms, Holoswim 2 accurately detect the live metrics of all stroke types and show real-time data on the goggles. The AR data is displayed in a simple and uncluttered way with a transparent OLED holographic display, so users can see their progress as they swim.

Holoswim 2 monitors, displays, and records metrics including distance, time, laps, pace, even calories, heart rate, and more. After swimming, data collected by the goggles syncs to Holoswim App for review and analysis such as SWOLF and pace per 100m to achieve performance improvements and share with friends.

"As swimming enthusiasts ourselves, we have a personal understanding of the benefits of data-driven swim training and goal setting. Heart rate monitors and sports apps are helpful, but we wanted to improve upon that concept by providing real-time information and coaching to swimmers. With the ambitious goal of taking smart glasses underwater, we perfected Holoswim 2 with the latest in-goggle OLED holographic display technology and real-time metrics specific to swimming. Now, swimmers can capture all essential data and monitor performance in real-time to improve technique, boost fitness, and optimize their swimming workouts." Said the GUANGLI CEO.

To avoid fogging, Holoswim 2 adopts anti-fog and mirror coating for better visibility. With a resin-based AR optical module with high light transmittance and a 25° FOV, it gives a broader and more transparent view so that swimmers can clearly see the environment. Holoswim 2 fits everyone and includes 4 interchangeable nose bridges and adjustable FDA-certified silicone straps so the goggles remain comfortable for long swimming sessions. The goggles support magnetic charging and have 4-hour battery life on each charge. In the future, Holoswim 2 is compatible with Apple Watch to share heart rate, GPS, and more.

Holoswim 2 are the most advanced & lightest AR Swim goggles with clearest vision and highest transmittance. It's available now for pre-sale with special price to reward early adopters. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3QePwu2

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