GIGABYTE Bolsters 4K Gaming Monitor Offerings with the New Arm Edition Series

According to Research And Markets, the global gaming market size is forecasted to reach up to USD 374 billion by 2026 as the popularity of console and PC gaming continues to grow. The rising popularity has also fueled the demand for advanced displays that are optimized for gaming performance.

GIGABYTE Bolsters 4K Gaming Monitor Offerings with the New Arm Edition Series

The world's leading computer brand, GIGABYTE, is now a well-established name in monitors, offering a wide array of tactical gaming monitors. To meet gamers' increasing demand, GIGABYTE's complete 4K gaming monitor lineup, available in a variety of sizes from 28 to 55 inches, features the HDMI 2.1 interface and 120Hz or higher refresh rates to ensure a smooth gaming experience when paired with the new-gen consoles or desktop gaming PCs.

Designed with gamers' setup flexibility and ergonomic comfort in mind, GIGABYTE launched the Arm Edition gaming monitors on its popular M32U and M28U models. Coming with an ergonomic monitor arm for mounting directly to the desk, the Arm Edition can accommodate a wide range of desktop scenarios from PC gaming, console gaming, to even streaming media, realizing the true 4K entertainment. Unlike the general desktop stands or the traditional C-clamp mount design, the Arm Edition takes up virtually no footprint, significantly saving desktop space. With its thinnest point at only 5mm, it can adapt to various installation scenarios, allowing for more efficient use of the desktop space.

Another highlight of the 4K gaming monitor family is the M32UC, the world's first 31.5-inch 4K 144HZ curved gaming monitor, which is also a very popular option highly recommended by Rtings. The 1500R curvature is more in line with the human eyes. Thanks to the SuperSpeed VA panel, the response time can be shortened to 1ms for an extremely smooth and immersive gaming experience. The excellent color contrast and high refresh rate make M32UC earned Rtings' Best Dark Room 4K Gaming Monitor and Best Curved Monitor For Console Gaming.

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