Blix Launches New Premium Utility Model and Expands Ebike Lineup

Furthering the mission to integrate health and wellness into people's everyday lives, Blix expands their collection to include the Dubbel, a moto inspired compact utility ebike built for social adventures, family time and practical utility use. Keeping with the core of innovation, the Dubbel is thoughtfully designed to be the most compact and versatile ebike yet by offering the ability to move multiple passengers, cargo and pets—anywhere and anytime.

Blix Launches New Premium Utility Model and Expands Ebike Lineup

Built to bring all your stuff plus passengers, the Dubbel is the perfect ebike for social outdoor adventures and practical riding in the everyday. Its' sleek design is also modular and features smart mounting points to customize with essential accessories to fit your needs and transport up to 200 lbs of loading.

Blix Launches New Premium Utility Model and Expands Ebike Lineup

The utility-friendly ebike comes fully equipped with premium features such as dual battery option that provides up to 80 miles per charge, a strong 750w motor with 90Nm torque, high performance hydraulic disc-brakes, throttle and pedal assist with a top speed of 28mph and Bluetooth connectivity to the Blix app for over-the-air software updates.

"Adding more activity and enjoyment into the day-to-day will be crucial for people's wellbeing in the future," says Blix founder and CEO Pontus Malmberg. "You need products that offer a really great experience for different lifestyles and needs; that combines functionality with compelling design and technology which work seamlessly in the everyday. That's why we developed the Dubbel."

With its compact step through frame, upright seating position and large tires, the Dubbel is easy to maneuver and offers a safe and comfortable ride without compromising on powerful performance. A great ebike for those who want to the best ride for date night, game night or any time of day.

The Dubbel includes Blix Connect, a new platform that connects to a Blix app via Bluetooth to unlock a whole new rider experience. The app provides access to features such as ride data, community feed and over-the-air firmware updates. It also offers riders the ability to navigate routes and to switch between class 2 and class 3 modes, making it one of few ebikes available with that capability.

Dubbel Specs:Range: 
  • Dual 48V batteries (1,344Wh) 80 miles, Single 48V battery 40 miles (672Wh)
  • Top speed: Switch between Class 3: 28mph, and Class 2: 20mph
  • PAS: 5-level pedal assist and throttle, speed sensor
  • Motor: Rear hub, 750W continuous output, 90Nm torque
  • Other: 8-speed gears, Hydraulic Disc-Brakes, 26 x 3.3" tires. Front light with 80 LUX.
  • Connectivity: Display on handlebar connects to the Blix app through Bluetooth
  • Cargo: 200lbs cargo capacity. Modular design with smart mounting points holds up to 50lbs in the front, and 150lbs in the rear for cargo or 2nd passenger
  • New Accessories: Fenders, Rear Seat Cushion, Foot Pegs, Frame Bag, Mini VIP
  • Colors: Available in Slate Gray, Matte Cream, and White
  • Retail Price: $1,999 - single battery, $2,499 - dual battery
  • Launch Special: $1,899 - single battery, $2,399 - dual battery
  • Estimated shipping: October, 2022

Blix is now accepting pre-orders for the Dubbel. For full specs and or to preorder, visit

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