Supercharge Web3 App Payments With Fuse Charge

Leading Web3 payments company Fuse Labs today announced the release of a brand new blockchain payments API platform Fuse Charge aimed at bringing crypto payments to the mainstream global economy.

Supercharge Web3 App Payments With Fuse Charge

Fuse Charge is a blockchain as a service platform that enables businesses and professional developers to easily incorporate payments powered by the fast and low-cost Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible Fuse Network blockchain into their products, even without prior blockchain development experience.

Blockchain-powered payments have the potential to address major flaws in the existing global payment system, including high transaction fees, excess intermediation, geographic fragmentation, frequent lack of interoperability between platforms, chargebacks, hidden interest, and more. Blockchain technology can achieve this thanks to its fast transfer finality, open access, and peer-to-peer architecture.

Fuse Charge comprises a set of Fuse smart contracts and backend infrastructure tools that are exposed to developers via easy-to-use API's. At launch, Fuse Charge beta testers will be presented with three APIs: the Admin API for launching tokens and blockchain accounts, the Wallet API for creating mobile wallet applications, and the Trade API for incorporating decentralized exchange trading for tokens.

Since as far back as early 2020, elements of the Fuse Charge platform have already previously been used by multiple companies, organizations, and communities to launch blockchain-powered applications on top of the Fuse Studio and Fuse Whitelabel wallet platforms. The most prominent of those include Fuse Cash, Peepl, Bitazza, and Comunitaria.

Developers wishing to participate in the beta testing of Fuse Charge are invited to sign up on the platform's website.


SOURCE Fuse Labs
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