Crypto Marketing: 5 Influential women making a significant impact in the crypto world

More ladies are getting involved in crypto marketing and investment, thanks to crypto's popularity. In a recent research by Grayscale, 43% of respondents intending to invest in Bitcoin were women. Furthermore, to demonstrate the potential of women in crypto marketing, half of Binance’s staff comprises women. Although men dominate crypto, women in the industry play an active role.

Crypto Marketing: 5 Influential women making a significant impact in the crypto world

In an industry that innovates fast, women are gradually finding their footing and taking various roles like entrepreneurship, coding, and crypto marketing. Here, we explore top women in blockchain who have a massive impact on crypto marketing.

Why does crypto marketing require famous women?

Before exploring some famous women in the crypto industry, it’s essential to understand why women are crucial in crypto marketing. This knowledge can help you to appreciate their roles. Here are the key reasons why the crypto industry requires influential women:

  • Women communicate better
  • They’re able to create communities
  • There is a need for a balance in the crypto ecosystem
  • Women have talents in social media that can benefit crypto marketing

Notable women in crypto industry

Wondering which women in blockchain are famous? Here, we explore the notable women in the crypto sector and their essential contributions.

1. Charlene Fadirepo

When she first heard of BTC, she thought it was a dangerous affair. Thanks to the pandemic, Charlene Fadirepo started studying more about the crypto industry. When it comes to crypto learning, communities of early investors and fans are critical for different crypto beginners. And Charlene Fadirepo lacked a friendly group to equip her with knowledge.

Charlene Fadirepo spent most of her time on Clubhouse and Twitter spaces. She experienced a lot of crypto bro culture that left her in a dilemma. The difficulties she experienced and the questions she got from her client made her launch her crypto course-Guidefi.

Fadirepo says that crypto women investors prefer spaces like the Guidefi community because they can learn from one another. Although it's challenging to find ideal spaces for women of crypto, spaces exist where one can learn the skills of crypto, such as crypto marketing.

2. Maliha Abidi

Abidi is a Pakistan-American crypto lady who migrated to California aged 14. She's a digital artist who has discovered the value of minting and selling NFTs. Towards the end of 2021, she launched her 10,000 unique NFTs- Women Rise. These digital artworks are designed to celebrate ladies in Web3 and attract more women in crypto. Furthermore, Abidi’s work act as a crypto marketing and empowerment campaign to get 100,000 girls and women of crypto into Web3.

3. Cleve Mesidor

This crypto lady says crypto is more than an income generation affair. Mesidor says that crypto marketing and investment is a pathway to financial empowerment for ladies and minority groups. Because of that, she's embarking on a crypto marketing campaign to encourage women and people of color to participate.

Before joining crypto, Mesidor was president Obama’s appointee whose role was to promote White House economic programs and PPPs to advance technology and entrepreneurship. By 2016, she was dissatisfied with politics and embarked on crypto learning. She’s an avid supporter of crypto because of the technology’s ability to empower marginalized communities.

4. Kiana Danial

Investing is a powerful technique for creating wealth and a pathway to financial freedom. According to Kiana Danial, not enough women participate, especially in the crypto field. So, women of crypto have to teach their fellow sisters about this niche. And that’s the reason she has taken the initiative of training women on how to invest.

Danial is a founder of Invest Diva, a firm that educates women in blockchain on how to invest. This crypto lady also teaches women through her courses, books, and blogs.

5. Laura Shin

She is among the few crypto women journalists who cover crypto and popularize it to many women. She delivers compelling crypto marketing messages through her podcasts, with over 15 million downloads.

Final Thoughts

Many women are joining the crypto field to take on various roles. Some famous ladies have embraced the field and keep teaching their fellow sisters about the value of investing in crypto. Here, we've explored five great women who have touched many through their contributions in the crypto field.
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