Smart Features, Smarter TV - Toshiba TV M550

Among Toshiba TV's all-star lineup that saw it's first quarter TV sales increase a stunning 266% was the M550 – smooth, responsive, and an indisputable leader of the master craftsman's 4K UHD series.

Fine-tuned to ace the most demanding situations, the M550 includes a plethora of cutting-edge hardware and software features that bring a significant upgrade to the essence of any smart TV – its accessibility.

Smart Features, Smarter TV - Toshiba TV M550

Central to this upgrade is the M550's remote voice control. From anywhere in the room, simply press the button to activate, tell the TV where to take you next and it will. Whether it's tuning in a live event, searching for specific content, switching platforms or more – your voice is what seals the deal here.

In addition to a top-notch voice control feature that makes it user-friendly, the M550 also comes with an inbuilt smart operating system that provides endless choice for entertainment. With apps transporting you to a vault of films, shows, live streams and music, the immersion M550 brings is total in scale and inexhaustible in-depth.

To compliment such unrivaled immersion, Toshiba TV is certainly not neglecting aesthetic enjoyment on this side of the panel. One of the most noticeable elements of the M550 features Toshiba TV's hallmark full-screen, bezel-less design, the subtle minimalist touch that not only maximizes visual pleasure, but also extends the parameters of users' immersion far and beyond.

Inside the panel, powered by the latest LED backlight technology with expertly placed local dimming zones, the TV's precise dimming renders on-screen images more realistic. Coupled with an equally impressive REGZA Engine 4K that performs spontaneous AI analysis – on either still or in-motion images, the M550 is capable of crafting real-time high-fidelity details that contribute to the breathtaking scenes on screen. And with Dolby Audio powering the TV's audio output, the best available surround sound sensation lies at your fingertips.

Elegant in looks, brilliant in viewing experience, comprehensive in content yet requires no entrance bar to use, Toshiba TV's M550 is grand theater, sporting stadium, and concert hall all in one.

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