Buy GMT with fiat in Trust Wallet

GMT introduces another option to purchase its token on Trust Wallet. Recently, the team introduced the ability to buy GMT Token on the website with a credit card on both standards: ERC-20 and BEP-20. After this important development, the GMT team made a completely logical step: to simplify the purchase procedure on one of the most popular and reliable non-custodial wallets, namely Trust Wallet.

Buy GMT with fiat in Trust Wallet

Thanks to the intuitive wallet interface, the purchase process will be reduced to a few simple steps. The purchase is carried out through Simplex - an EU-licensed financial institution, providing simple, seamless, and secure channels to convert over 110+ fiat currencies to 120+ cryptocurrencies. The service allows users to buy GMT using Apple Pay or credit card. At the moment, it is possible to purchase tokens on the ERC-20 standard on Trust Wallet using this method. But it is planned to introduce the option of purchasing on the BEP-20 standard as well.

This new feature eases the process of buying and operating with GMT, making it more accessible and user-friendly both for experienced users and newcomers alike.


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