AirConsole secures a deal to enter the Nepalese market with NETTV

The cloud gaming market is forecasted to reach more than 21 billion in revenue by 2030, and this is largely driven by the affordability of cloud gaming compared to console gaming. AirConsole is a significant contributor to this trend, by partnering with global telcos and hardware manufacturers to offer AirConsole to their users.

AirConsole secures a deal to enter the Nepalese market with NETTV

AirConsole's newest Android TV partnership with NETTV will unlock the premium version of AirConsole for all their set-top box users in Nepal. This will include over 180 competitive and collaborative games, everything from fighting to racing, even cooking! All users need is the NETTV Streamz+ box which is an Android certified box, and a smartphone that transforms into a controller. No need to purchase any additional hardware.

"NETTV is proud to announce its new product which is an Android TV Set-Top Box, in partnership with AirConsole for the first time in Nepal. The NETTV team has been continuously working for the new product launch for the last two years and we are glad that AirConsole has placed their trust in our new product," said Niran Rajbhandari, CEO of NETTV. "We strongly believe that our partnership with AirConsole will help us provide our customers with value added services that are unique to NETTV. In days to come, we aim to flourish the relationship of NETTV and AirConsole for further growth of both parties."

With the holiday season nearing its peak, it is the perfect time to gift users with an entire gaming console, at no cost. AirConsole is striving for user-friendliness and a seamless experience at its core, and this is highlighted by the ease of connectivity to a game in a few simple clicks. The AirConsole experience is already available on the web, Amazon FireTV, Android TV and a selected list of TV partners worldwide. Their more recent partnerships include Huawei App Gallery, WeWatch and Telkom Indonesia, bringing AirConsole one step closer to being in every living room worldwide.

"With AirConsole, our partners don't need to commit to expensive server costs and can offer instant fun on their set-top boxes to all their users, especially those that don't own any gamepads. This is precisely why we are happy to welcome NETTV to our ever growing Android TV partner list in the APAC zone," says Anthony Cliquot, COO of AirConsole and Head of Strategic Partnerships. "This exclusive partnership with NETTV reinforces our leading position thanks to our technology that provides the most cost efficient cloud gaming solution available today on the market."

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