Flipboard Designs Top Topics Around Creators and Curators

Today, Flipboard rolls out new features and expert coverage to make its platform a destination for photographers and photography enthusiasts. This is part of a larger initiative to redesign top topics around communities, putting expert curators front and center and elevating the creator ecosystem on the platform. Technology and food are topics that follow a similar model; travel and personal finance will be added in the coming weeks.

Flipboard Designs Top Topics Around Creators and Curators

New Editorially Curated Sections with Events, Featured Creators and Gear

The new #Photography destination features three editorially produced sections. A new video section features content from more than 70 handpicked YouTube creators such as Tyler Stalman, Matti Haapoja, Lizzie Peirce, Kai W and Jared Polin; an events section highlights online classes, conferences, workshops, and photo walks around the world; and in the gear section experts share specially curated product recommendations about the latest hard- and software for photographers, amateur and pro.

Similarly, the food destination on Flipboard features top creators, a video section with YouTubers such as Babish Culinary Universe, Strictly Dumpling and Brian Lagerstrom to inspire people in their kitchen, and an events section that includes cooking lessons and food festivals. Instead of a gear section there is a shop section with curated kitchen tools and cooking utensils.

The Shot: a New Photographer Spotlight and Newsletter

The Shot is another new section in #Photography, where photographers themselves curate exclusive collections, stories that inspire their work, help with technique, illuminate an issue, or give you an inside scoop on a project they're working on. Every Wednesday, The Shot is also delivered via email to anyone who follows the photography topic. Analogous to this is The Tastiest, a section in the food destination as well as a newsletter that highlights curation by food experts, chefs and cookbook writers. Now, people without a Flipboard account can also sign up for the newsletter at Flipboard's new email sign-up center.

The new sections respectively complement the main All Stories section in these new #Photography and #Food destinations on Flipboard. The All Stories sections are algorithmically curated based on articles, videos and photos from hundreds of publications, blogs and other sources. Users can personalize these topic feeds as a way to have the content reflect their preferences and interests. Flipboard's new top topic destinations are available inside its popular app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, as well as on the web.

Photographer in Residence

Unique to photography is a new residency program. Flipboard recently welcomed its first photographer in residence, Ryan Mense, a wildlife photographer based in Wisconsin in preparation of today's launch. Flipboard's Residency Program offers a new, paid, rotating position that brings an expert in-house to provide curation, industry guidance and community development. Every three months, Flipboard welcomes a new photographer to bring their expertise to its community.

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