XCO and Atlazo Announce Joint Venture to Commercialize Virtual Healthcare Products Leveraging Edge AI System-on-Chip Technology

XCO and Atlazo Healthcare Products Leveraging Edge AI System-on-Chip Technology

XCO Tech Inc. and Atlazo, Inc. have announced the formation of Recon Health Inc., a joint venture to commercialize a portfolio of next generation virtual healthcare products based on embedded artificial intelligence (AI) edge computing and medical based analytics.

The first product being developed by the joint venture is a novel medical device with embedded AI for continuous health monitoring. The device will provide clinical-grade, all-in-one multi-sensor remote patient monitoring of critical vital signs to address the growing need doctors and nurses have for objective patient data during telehealth appointments and while providing other digital health services. The device will also empower patients at-home with medical-grade data and will provide essential analytics that will aid the clinical diagnosis and treatment of chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular, respiratory and neurodegenerative diseases.

The combination of Atlazo's world leading embedded Health System-on-Chip with XCO's BioAnalytics data platform and product design experience will provide Recon Health with precision medical devices that have a distinct competitive edge in the rapidly growing virtual care market.

"Doctors today don't trust data coming from consumer wearables, and most medical devices don't provide the ease of use that consumers expect because they require significant data storage and battery power to collect and analyze the data via cloud computing," said Scott McMillan, co-founder and CEO of XCO. "The smart edge computing employed by Recon Health's device overcomes these challenges by incorporating Atlazo's Health-System-on-a-Chip (HSoC) technology."

"The built-in AI is a significant advancement in edge computing for medical care. The AI and high performance computing engine on the chip analyzes high resolution sensor signals at high sampling rates and reports the key metrics and information to the patient via BLE," said Dr. Karim Arabi, co-founder and CEO of Atlazo, Inc. "The end result is data that doctors can trust, patients can understand, and devices that can be worn for weeks without recharging."

The device will be the first multi-vital sign medical device to passively measure blood oxygen saturation along with respiration rate, heart rate, heart rate variability, core body temperature and activity levels. Future versions are expected to expand in functionality by adding blood pressure, ECG heart rhythms analysis, and audio for cough and speech based cognition analysis.

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