Panasonic Expands Award-Winning Body Trimmer Line with New and Improved Men's Body Hair Trimmer

Panasonic Men's Body Hair Trimmer

Today Panasonic announced the release of the new Panasonic Body Hair Trimmer – ER-GK80-S, which improves upon the features from the brand's popular and award-winning Cordless Electric Body Groomer– ER-GK60-S that was released in 2017.

Compared to its predecessor, the ER-GK80-S:
  • Has a motor that is 140 percent more powerful, providing it the ability to remove 5,300 hairs per second. By simply applying light pressure while moving the trimmer across the skin, the motor drive provides users with a gentle and smooth trim.
  • Includes a new comb attachment with a length adjustment dial that can easily be adjusted with one hand ensures uniform trimming of body hair on the chest and legs to a desired length ranging from 3 to 12 mm.
  • Charges significantly faster, in just one hour, providing 50 minutes of usage time on a full charge.

"We have been thrilled to learn of users' ongoing positive experiences with the award-winning ER-GK60-S trimmer since its release in 2017. We hope to continue users' positive experience with Panasonic body trimmers through the release of the new ER-GK80-S and the introduction of its improved features, while maintaining familiar design elements from the ER-GK60-S that ensure a safe shave and user friendliness," said Ranjia Zhang, Senior Product Manager – Personal Care & Health Care at Panasonic.

The thoughtful design of the ER-GK80-S enables gentle, effortless and efficient grooming of the arms, armpits, chest, legs, buttocks and groin. The top and bottom blades work in conjunction to effectively cut body hair as short as 0.1mm while grooming in any direction and to protect the skin from injury. Users can easily move and direct the trimmer when shaving, especially in sensitive and hard-to-reach areas, thanks to the "I" shape of the trimmer. Furthermore, the fine "V" shape of the trimmer's head ensures there are no unshaved patches while protecting the skin, even in areas that are hard to reach. When specifically shaving sensitive areas, users can attach the included skinguard attachment for additional protection.

The ER-GK80-S has wet/dry capability, allowing users to shave while dry without the need of shaving foam or in the shower due to its IPX7 waterproof design. Its waterproof ability allows users to simply wash the trimmer with water after shaving.

The Panasonic Body Hair Trimmer (ER-GK80-S) is available for purchase today for $99.99.

SOURCE Panasonic Corporation of North America
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